Peoples War in India Clippings 8/3/2013

Maoists torch PLFI leader’s house in Palamau

Maoists have torched a house of a top leader of rival organisation, People’s Liberation Front of India (PLFI), at Talkasmar village in Palamau district, the police said Friday. Over 20 rebels of the CPI (Maoist) went to the house of PLFI’s self-styled zonal commander Baijnath Yadav at midnight last night and asked his family members to vacate it before setting it on fire. The CPI (Maoist) and its breakaway faction PLFI have been fighting a turf war in the district, he added. According to police records, the PLFI is active mainly in Gumla, Khunti and Simdega districts and parts of Ranchi rural area.

Maoists from jail call to keep movement alive

VISAKHAPATNAM: Never give up on your rights and dignity, women of all classes were advised on the occasion of International Women’s Day by their counterparts who are generally perceived as gun-toting and hard-nosed with a single-minded dedication to their ideology of arms struggle __ the women Maoists. In a note to all women, two convicted Maoist women, Potluri Kranti alias Bhavani and Kamala, on behalf of CPI Maoist Political Prisoners, have termed International Women’s Day as a historic day, saying that women are one half of the cosmos and without them the cosmos itself would not exist.

They pointed out that it was their duty to remind the men that the feminine aspect of the cosmos was also wired into them. The two Maoists are serving sentences at the central jail in the city. In the note released on Wednesday, they said that women have played a far more strategic role in keeping many revolutionary and path-breaking movements alive by giving them a feminine and human touch. The women Maoists also pointed out that women across societies are subject to some abuse or the other in their lives.

The increasing incidents of violence against women indicate that security and freedom for women stand as much a chance as a flickering lamp would against a strong gust of wind. The Maoists highlighted the role played by women in keeping the civil rights movement alive at the grassroots level especially against MNCs, which are forever encroaching on the fundamental rights of the have-nots. They observed that illiterate village women have played a pivotal role in stalling many monstrous projects in the rural belt of Visakhapatnam district.

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