CPN-Maoist Clippings 27/2/2013



CPN-Maoist launches public awareness drive in Ilam

ILAM, Feb 27: CPN-Maoist District Committee, Ilam has decided to conduct Limbuwan Peopler Awareness Campaign for three months. A two-day meeting concluded in district headquarters today decided to launch the campaign mobilizing party cadres in five groups. The meeting decisions were disclosed by issuing press release. According to the decisions, they would organize area-wise people´s gathering, public assembly in 48 VDCs and one municipality, conference of National Liberation Fronts of Kirant and Limbuwan, Martyrs Weekly programme and celebrating People´s Movement Day. The meeting also formed a 23-member Joint People´s Struggle Committee.



Bombs found in key cities, spreading panic

DHANGADHI: A moment of panic gripped the general public early this morning after powerful pressure cooker bombs were found in four different cities of Dhangadi‚ Biratnagar‚ Butwal and Nepalgunj‚ police said. They were reportedly planted by the CPN-Maoist (Revolutionary). A bomb wrapped up in a red cloth was planted at Dhangadi of Kailali today. Shopkeepers had detected it in the morning and informed the police about the bomb.

A bomb disposal team of Teghari-based Nepali Army from Shivadal Battalion reached the site on time and detonated the bomb at 10:25 am. Similarly‚ another bomb was planted in a presser cooker in Panchali‚ Morang district. A bomb disposable team from the Nepali Army in Itahari diffused it at 6:00 am. Likewise‚ a bomb of similar nature was found at Butwal-based Puspalal Park of Rupandehi.

The Nepali Army number 22 battalion bomb disposable team reached the spot on time and diffused the bomb at 10:00 am‚ said Butwal police. A similar bomb was also found in Nepalgunj-based Rangeli Chowk of Bankatuwa at 5:00 am. Bomb disposable teams from the Nepali Army diffuse it‚ said Area Police Office‚ Kohalpur. Pamphlets of the CPN-Maoist (Revolutionary) were found at the incident sites. Three pages long pamphlet undersigned by CPN-Maoist (Revolutionary) Chairperson Janapad was found nearby the site‚ said the Area Police Office‚ Kohalpur.

The pamphlets read that the people’s war has been gaining momentum and people should be ready give continuation to establish the peoples’ democratic state permanently. It urged the people of the country to unite in destroying the agents of capitalists and feudalists. The CPN-Maoist (Revolutionary) pamphlet also vowed to destroy the parliamentary democratic system in the country for once and for all. Investigation into the incident is on‚ police said.



Nepal: Strategic base for Imperialists and Expansionists

TGQ1: Why your party, the NCP-Maoists, all of a sudden went against the four party’s efforts to unlock the political stalemate by elevating the Chief Justice Khil Raj Regmi as the next Prime Minister? You mean the political leaders have failed? Or what else do you prefer to add to this?

Ms. Bhusal: Let me tell you that the nation has several parties. Not only three or four as is being given to understand. And moreover these four parties are not the whole sole contractor of this nation. There are other stake holders as well. And these three party leaders are the ones who could not take appropriate decisions on their own which was in the national interests. They are just the Nepali politicians who generally act as per the instructions and the dictates of foreign powers. We were more than confident that these high flying leaders would not be able to provide an out let to the existing national problems.

We knew this much in advance. It is the same set of leaders who could not provide a constitution to the country from the CA body when the draft of such a constitution had already been ready. We are still not confident in the same set of leaders that they could give a formula to get the nation out from the current quagmire. We never had believed as such. This we have had told the people as well in public.

And we had also conveyed our inner feeling to those who it concerned. We had also indicated this to the Honorable President. It is not all that we have the set of four parties who have failed in providing the needed political outlet to the country’s ailments but in addition we also possess some more parties who remain averse towards the national issues and country’s problems. This set is also not responsible towards either the people or the country.

It is because of these anomalies, we have been championing the voice of having a broader consensus with the convergence of practically all of the political parties in order to get out of the current problems confronting the nation and take a grand leap forward. This is in essence our party’s proposition. And this is our modest request as well.

TGQ2: So you mean that the fresh proposition of CJ’s elevation as the next PM is also a ploy of the foreign forces? By the way, you dub PM Bhattarai as an Indian puppet but by blocking the chances of a fresh consensus aren’t you prolonging the tenure of Bhattarai’s government? What say you Ms. Bhusal?

Ms. Bhusal: Let me remind you that UML leader Pradip Nepal has already exposed this fact and he is on record. He has made it public already. Even in the Nepali Congress, save some four leaders, the rest possess the view that the political parties must forge consensus and remain in a united manner by sticking to the established democratic norms and principles. But the so called big leaders are forced to obey to the sermons and instructions imposed by others.

They are just pushing the country backwards and heading towards a party less system by ignoring the basic theory of the separation of powers that should exist in between the Executive, the Legislative and the Judiciary. They are at best trying to handover all these powers into the hands of a single person. This process will eventually lead to the advent of autocracy and encourage the acts of regression and finally to land in what could be taken as social fascism. So this is it. As regards your second attached question, well I must admit that Prime Minister Babu Ram is the most anti-national, and anti-people of the country ever recorded in Nepal’s history.

Yes! We definitely say that Bhattarai must quit. But that would be just an exercise of what could be like to release one Tiger from one door and let the Wolf enter from the next gate. Such an act can’t be taken as a wise decision. All that we have been demanding is the formation of a new government which could facilitate forward looking political changes and also provide an out let to the present day problems facing the country.

Now the situation has been that not only PM Bhattarai is a puppet but some more puppets are likely to emerge who could surpass PM Bhattarai. If this does happen and take a formal shape then take it for granted that the nation will be pushed towards more and more dependency. We may even lose our national integrity. The situation, as has been best explained by Pradip Nepal, that the nation has already become what Bhutan is today but is yet to turn into yet another Sikkim.

The nation is being reverted back by ignoring and trampling people’s basic and fundamental rights. We will not accept any step that goads the country towards Party less system. If someone bites a dog then others must not do the same. One should refrain from doing what PM Bhattarai has done against the nation. One must not commit acts that are anti-national and anti-people.

TGQ3: But how could be the representative of the Judiciary become anti-people? But also the talks have surfaced that CJ Regmi would not be allowed to award justice till he remains the Prime Minister of the nation? What would be your comment in this regard?

Ms. Bhusal: Judiciary is an institution that is being revered by the general population. It commands respect among the eyes of the population, however, it is also an institution that apparently has so far remained reluctant in accepting the political changes that have ushered in the country. Let me even tell you that the institution of Nepali judiciary is the one which always takes the things in a negative manner. Its thinking are not that positive ones.

Moreover, if we take the four parties being responsible for not having been able to draft the new constitution then, I would say, that the Judiciary too is equally responsible for the failure of drafting of the new Charter. This is what we believe. What could be more an autocratic act than if the people have to bestow the power of the entire State organs into the hands of a single person? Will not this be the height of an autocracy?

What could be more authoritarian act than this? That is why we must not push the nation towards regression and encourage the advent of autocracy. We are of the opinion that the country must be taken towards a forward looking direction. This should be the collective effort. A national government must take a formal shape under the command of political leadership. One has to accomplish the duties to which he or she has been told to do.

Yes! We too have heard of such a faulty consideration from certain political quarters that Justice Regmi be not allowed to award justice while remaining in the PM Chair. If so then is it possible to lift a political person to the post of the Chief Justice? Whether this is possible or not?

TGQ4: How could be authentically claim that the name of CJ Regmi had been floated by the Indian regime? What is the basis of your claim?

Ms. Bhusal: This design came to the fore when we learnt that some Indian agents had been floating this view since one month and a half. If someone is in illusion that this proposal has come from the Prachanda quarters then let me remind you all that Chairman Jhal Nath Khanal of the UML has claimed that it was his idea as such. To the extent that Mr. Madhav Kumar Nepal has very freshly told that his own party leaders said him to accept the Justice Regmi’s name forwarding the reason that such a proposal had come to the party from the Ambassadors of the EU, the US and India. Mr. Nepal has said this that in such a manner the CJ name was forwarded to him for its acceptance.

This news had already become a public affair. And this is the very design of the foreigners. It is just a design not to allow Nepal to remain as a sovereign nation and to make Nepal a base for the expansionists and imperialists. This design is also aimed at fulfilling their great and grand strategic design. For this to happen they just wanted to have a puppet who could serve their interests.

TGQ5: Is it that the impending election is to be boycotted by your party? Do you mean to say this?

Ms. Bhusal: Impossible. The election can’t be conducted. The prevailing circumstances are not for conducting the poll. Can you have an election for reverting back? Is election the panacea of each and every political ailment? Recall, how many times the Panchayati regime conducted the polls? Recall how many times the democratic system with monarchy conducted the elections? Even King Gyanendra had conducted the poll. Who should and why should the election be held is of prime importance. This carries meaning. We are not supposed to obey to the dictates of foreign powers.

Instead, we are the most dependent party who believe in the power of the people. None of the parties could match our preference and honor for the people. We are not hesitating to go to the people. But to go to the people, one must have the needed atmosphere, for example, the constitution, prevalence of the needed regulatory laws and more so political norms too must remain in existence. There will be no substantial difference if the fifth one gets added from the judiciary among the crowd of the already existing four big heads from the political parties.



Maoist secretary Gurung accuses major parties for trying to revive monarchy

SANKHUWASABHA, Feb 27: Secretary of the CPN-Maoist, Dev Gurung, has alleged that the four political parties were making an attempt to revive the monarchy by hauling the Chief Justice to the post of Prime Minister. Talking to journalists at Khandbari on Wednesday, Gurung said that the four major political parties do not have the key for ruling the country with them. “Rather extraneous forces were ruling the country, ” he said, alleging the four parties of working to undermine the achievements made by the people through the decade-long People´s War and the People´s Movement by making the Chief Justice the prime minister.

Let the political parties that are making efforts to appoint the Chief Justice the Prime Minister say frankly to the people that all their efforts are directed to revive the monarchy, he said. He opined that a way out of the present political deadlock could be found through federalism based on ethnic identity, regionalism, economic classes by safeguarding nationality.



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