Recent Statements from Resistance Organizations in Manipur


RPF greets people on its 34th B’day

Imphal, February 24 2013 : President of Revolutionary People’s Front (RPF) Irengbam Chaoren has greeted the people of Manipur on the occasion of 34th foundation day (Independence Demand Day) of the outfit. In a message, Chaoren observed that Manipur can embark on the path of peace and progress and become a healthy nation only when Manipur is independent and free from all kinds of subordination. “It is a firm belief of RPF that Manipur can be developed as a progressive, egalitarian country only when it regains its right to self determination. For all these reasons, it is the foremost duty of each and every one of us to abolish the colonial rule and win back the lost sovereignty to establish self rule of our own people”, Chaoren said. He went on to say ‘our enemies which we must overcome are the vast multitude of the Indian military and the highly sectarian policies and strategies of the Indian political leaders.

To defeat the colonial forces, there is no pragmatic option other than armed liberation movement. Now is the time for all our people to join the armed liberation movement. Only when the armed movement is raised to the desired momentum, our oppressed people can effectively counter the nefarious policies and programmes of India and embark on the path of freedom. For this very reason, the present generation of revolutionaries needs to sacrifice more and more effective strategies devise by walking on the truthful tradition of people’s revolution and win confidence of our oppressed mass’ .

RPF chief alleged that having realised that it would face harsh international criticismsbecause of its policy aimed at suppressing the liberation movement of Manipur through brute military force, India is now pursuing a specific strategy called Civic Action Programme (CAP) which is nothing but another delusionary tactics intended to pull away and keep off the oppressed mass from the revolutionary movement. “Through this tactics, the Indian military has been providing some momentary benefits to a handful of people and some of these beneficiaries have developed a mentality of subservience and an attitude to sycophancy. These sycophants have also imbibed a mindset of abhorrence towards the revolutionary movement”, he maintained.

“In the meantime, India, by employing a number of covert strategies, has been sending in different intoxicating drugs which can ruin our underdeveloped society for generations to come. On account of this drug warfare, many of our youth are living a wretched life, bereft of any meaning or purpose. In spite of this grave situation, even if one knows collaborators of the disastrous conspiracy, one cannot disclose the facts to our public and punish the culprits because they were performing their duty only at the capacity of a colonised people”, Chaoren observed. Chaoren further noted that rather than focusing on issues related with development and welfare of the people, the colonial regime is more interested in fanning internecine conflicts and confrontation amongst the indigenous peoples.

This sinister disposition of the colonial regime was manifested unmistakably when it recruited a large number of youth in police, security establishments and VDF in the name of providing employment. It is an undeniable fact that India has been continually churning out one conspiracy after another, all aimed at creating complete chaos and anarchy in Manipur.

Everybody was witness to the recent public outcry when IG AR (South) made an abortive attempt to present some youngsters who were lured with the false promise of providing jobs as UG cadres in one of their routine surrender dramas. But in many cases, people who refused to take part in similar surrender dramas were simply eliminated in fake encounters. After convincing some gullible UG cadres of initiating peace talk only to present them as surrenderees, the Indian military and their political masters have been consistently conspiring to lower and corrupt the moral values and conviction of our youth. Some of our youngsters, thus won over by the evil conspiracy of the Indian military, have been masquerading as revolutionaries and committing all kinds of criminal and antisocial activities transforming themselves as enemies of the mass.

This is another covert but no so secret strategy of the Indian military designed to project the revolutionaries in bad light. On the other hand, Chaoren went on to say, there were cases when some revolutionaries who came out valiantly with full conviction to win back the lost sovereignty and save the threatened nation ruined themselves because of certain wrong steps made at unguarded moments.

The recent attempt of the Indian military to glorify themselves by claiming to have achieved a major success after deceiving some pseudo revolutionaries who are content to live a life of bondage in exchange for some short term, insignificant benefits was only a manifestation of the Indian military’s base, unethical tradition.


PREPAK (Pro) on drug scandals

Imphal, February 24 2013 : The proscribed UG group, People’s Revolutionary Party of Kangleipak (PREPAK-Pro) has observed that there might be hands of some MLAs and Ministers of the ruling Congress Party in the increasing drug scandals in the State. In a statement signed by its Senior Publicity Officer, Department of Publicity and Propaganda Bobby Mangang, PREPAK-Pro stated that the frequency of drug scandals and trafficking in Manipur indicate possible involvement of army officers and many high profile persons and this is very unfortunate for the future of the society. It further stated that there might be hands of some Congress MLAs and Ministers in the drug trafficking.

Moreover, the government as well as the law enforcing agencies has not disclosed the owners of the huge consignment of drugs seized from Tulihal Airport and Mantripukhri which only add to the suspicion of the people. The statement further clarified that Laishram Hemolata alias Inakhunbi (25)d/o Deven of Angtha Mamang Leikai, who was arrested by a combined team of Thoubal District Commandos and 15 Assam Rifles is neither a cadre nor an overground worker of PREPAK-Pro. Moreover, no person by the name of Ranjit of Nungoi under whom Hemolata is allegedly working is not in the record of the organisation. PREPAK-Pro does not have any sort of relations with the two persons, the statement added.




UNLF slams manipulation of media

Imphal, February 24 2013 : United National Liberation Front (UNLF) has asserted that the Government of India has been trying desperately every possible way to undermine its Chairman Sanayaima and 14 other cadres including two Central Committee members to negotiating terms like the other insurgent groups of the region, which it could ensnare in its ‘peace talk trap’ and this shows that India Government is at a loss at the rock solid firmness with which UNLF Chairman and the cadres’ stand for sovereignty and independence of Manipur. In a statement, Senior Publicity Officer of the outfit Kh Yoiheiba said that this time Indian Govt is intentionally and cunningly doing media manipulation to mislead the general public.

“The story reported on dated 20 Feb ’13, on some Guwahati based TV channels DY- 365, NETV, etc. and an Assamese daily “Asomia Protidin” that UNLF Chairman Sana Yaima  Meghen has begun “peace talks” with representatives of India Govt through Video Conference from Dispur is totally baseless, mischievous and misleading. Actually, our Chairman and fourteen other cadres were taken to the Video Conference Studio located at the Secretariat complex at Dispur as the NIA produced two protected witnesses in a court in Delhi citing security reasons. The statements of the witnesses were taken through video conference”, Yoiheiba explained, adding that all these NIA courts are stage managed by Indian Govt.

Yoiheiba went on to point out that UNLF has declared time and again that its Chairman and cadres are all freedom fighters; and cannot be tried under any Indian law court, as UNLF is fighting to regain the right to National self determination of the Manipuri peoples which India treacherously usurped. Therefore, those TV Channels & newspapers which wrongly informed the public, besides creating confusion among the people of Manipur should make an apology in the larger interest of the media fraternity, Yoiheiba demanded.

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