CPN-Maoist Clippings 25/2/2013

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Four left parties set Feb 28 date for protest

KATHMANDU: Four left parties led by the CPN-Maoist on Monday decided to organise protest assemblies in 11 different places of the county including the Capital to safeguard national integrity, formation of CJ-led government among others.

Issuing a press statement four parties— CPN-Maoist‚ CPN (Unified) ‚Matrika Yadav-led CPN (Maoist) and Revolutionary Communist Party-Nepal informed to organise protest rallies and assemblies in Kathmandu, Itahari, Janakpur, Birgunj, Chitwan, Butwal, Pokhara, Baglung, Ghorahi, Surkhet and Dhangadhi on February 28.


Teachers‚ student union vandalise school buses

KATHMANDU: Last year, the government had declared schools ‘Zones of Peace’ and assured there would be no political activity, bandh or protest in schools and school buses would move freely on the road everyday even during bandh as ambulances do. However, teachers of DAV Sushil Kedia Bishwo Bharati Higher Secondary School and CPN-Maoist aligned All Nepal National Independent Students Union-Revolutionary (ANNISU-R) today vandalised two school buses because the school did not reinstate three teachers it had sacked and had failed to scrap the use of unauthorised textbooks.

The teachers as well as ANNISU-R cadres, who smashed the windows of one bus near Damkal House at 7:00 am and another bus at Thado Dhunga in Lalitpur when the buses were picking up school children said that vandalism was a part of their protest programme. They also vandalised a car belonging to the school principal at Ekantakuna, Lalitpur. The school stated that according to the bus drivers, Rajendra Manandhar and Deepak Ghimire, the teachers who had been sacked, were involved in vandalism. Ghimire said they had planned to prohibit school vehicles from plying as part of their protest programme.

Denying involvement in vandalism, he said, “ANNISU-R students had vandalised the school buses but the FIR the school at the police station mentioned their names .” He further said that if the school failed to listen to them, they would intensify the protest programme in future. A statement issued here today by the school said the attack was condemnable and it had posed a challenge to security forces as well. The school has urged the government to take action against people involved in vandalism.

DAV Assistant Principal Ram Chandra Khanal said the involvement of teachers in vandalism was shameful and they were very angry with agitators for vandalising school buses that carry innocent students. Suprabhat Bhandari, president, Guardians Association of Nepal also condemned the teachers for vandalising school buses to meet their demands. Teachers aligned with All Nepal Teachers’ Organisation and ANNISU-R have been staging protest programmes for a few months demanding reinstatement of sacked teachers.


CPN-Maoist not anti-India: Gajurel

NEW DELHI: CPN-Maoist Vice-chairman CP Gajurel today dismissed rumours about his party being hostile towards India. Speaking at a programme held at the Jawaharlal Nehru University, Gajurel said he had come to New Delhi to clear the rumours about his party as anti-Indian.

“Our party has been projected as anti-Indian. We are not anti-Indian,” he made it clear. Gajurel went on to say, “There are rumours that our party will wage a guerilla war and that it will not participate in the upcoming election. But, all these are baseless.” Noting that Indian people were supporting his party’s agitation, he said his party was against unequal treaties signed by the government.

On a different note, Gajurel held that they had protested the Bilateral Investment Protection Act (BIPA) and establishment’s nexus with New Delhi when they were in the Unified CPN-Maoists. On the election government, he said his party had protested chief justice-led government as it was designed under the foreign pressure. “The European Union and India have put pressure on four political forces in Nepal to form a CJ-led government,” Gajurel added. He blamed the parties for trying to make even independent judiciary unsuccessful by politicising it.

On their split from mother party, Gajurel said they had to part ways from the Unified CPN-Maoists due to various issues including the matter of nationality. CPN-Maoist, he said, was in favour of an all party round table conference to give a way out to the country. He further said his party was yet to take a decision either to participate in the elections led by chief justice or not. “Our participation depends on the nature of election. If free and fair elections are guaranteed, then CPN-Maoist might participate,” Gajurel said.


CJ joins Lendup Dorje club: Baidya Maoists

KATHMANDU, Feb 26: Various opposition parties including CPN-Maoist and Madhesi People´s Rights Forum-Nepal have objected to the decision of the four major parties to form a government led by sitting Chief Justice Khil Raj Regmi for holding fresh elections. The objection of the opposition parties came in the wake of the chief justice expressing his readiness to head an election government and the four major parties reaching an agreement on Monday to form the CJ-led government for holding fresh pols.

Expressing serious objection to the statement of the chief justice (CJ) that he is ready to head an election government, the Mohan Baidya-led CPN-Maoist said the CJ is going to join the anti-people and traitors´ club. Accusing the major political parties -UCPN (Maoist), Nepali Congress, CPN-UML and United Democratic Madhesi Front – of planning to convert Nepal into another Sikkim, they said that the CJ-led government is a design of foreign forces and will invite totalitarianism and autocracy.

“The CJ is also going to participate in the club of Lendup Dorje [under whom Sikkim was merged in India], while the so-called major political paries are playing Dorje´s role,” said Pampha Bhusal, spokesperson of CPN-Maoist, adding that her party was going to organise protest programs. She termed the CJ-led government formation process a ´foreign design´ and the leaders of the major political parties -UCPN (Maoist), Nepali Congress, CPN-UML and Federal Democratic Madhesi Front -as ´stooges.´ “The only solution for the current deadlock is to form a national government of the political parties. It is also necessary to hold protests against anti-national and traitor forces.”

She said that the CJ played a negative role in making the SC deviate from its existing judicial role. Similarly, expressing disagreement with the formation of an election government under a sitting chief kustice (CJ), the Nepal Federal People´s Republican Front led by the CPN-Maoist is going to hold mass demonstrations and mass gatherings on Thursday in the major towns and cities of the country, including the capital. Terming a CJ-led election government as unconstitutional and unnatural, they have demanded the formation of a national consensus government under the leadership of the political parties.

“We appeal to leftist, nationalist, republican and federalist forces to express solidarity, to participate and to make a grand success of the mass demonstration across the country,” reads the statement. The statement was issued by CPN-Maoist, CPN (United), CPN (Maoist), Revolutionary Communist Party and Federal Democratic Forum. The parties in the alliance and other fringe parties have been saying that they would not accept the proposal of the major political parties.

The front has demanded that the Baburam Bhattarai-led government step down, terming it as anti-people and anti-national. They also called for saving national sovereignty and stopping foreign interference. Similarly, Madhesi People´s Rights Forum-Nepal has objected to the decision of the major political parties to form an election government under a sitting chief justice. “We do not have reservations over which person becomes prime minister.

The only concern we have is that the head of the judiciary should not be made to head the executive branch at a time when there is no legislature in place. This is against democratic norms and values,” said MPRF-N Chairman Upendra Yadav. Yadav also said that they will wait and see what kind of government the parties will agree to form, and take a decision accordingly. “If the chief justice becomes prime minister, he should step down from the post of chief justice. If the CJ guarantees holding of fresh polls after quitting his current position we will have no reservations over him,” Yadav further said.


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