(UPDATE): Oregon DOC and Kevin “Rashid” Johnson


Kevin “Rashid” Johnson is a New African Communist prison organizer and intellectual in the United States and one of the founders of the NABPP-PC (New African Black Panther Party-Prison Chapter). He has spent most of his adult life in the prison system and continually been subjected to political repression and violence in retaliation for his organizing efforts. He is currently held at Snake River Correctional Inst in Oregon.

This just in regarding Rashid:

“new x-rays have confirmed that there are no razor-blades in his system and there is apparently no longer blood in his urine. Rashid demand that he be allowed to receive his mail (which he says has been accumulating for more than a week in a box within sight of his cell).”

From a legal rep:

“I talked with Kevin Rashid Johnson today for over 90 minutes. He seemed to be clear headed and to have a good perspective on his situation. He said that he would appreciate support in regaining access to his personal property and mail. Officials have placed him on a security designation that precludes access to these things. So he is unable to contact anyone or publish anything. He thinks that is retaliation for articles he published that are critical of the Oregon Department of Corrections. The pretext that the officials are using to put him on this status is an incident on January 28, 2012. He was recently cleared of any misconduct in that incident after a disciplinary hearing. Furthermore, deprivation of property and mail is not reasonably related to the alleged incident. He thinks the best people to contact would be Doug Yancey, the security threat manager for the Dept. of Corrections, and C. Schultz, the security threat manager at Snake River. They are the ones who made this decision. I don’t have direct contact information for these people. A starting point for Mr. Yancey would be the Office of the Inspector General in Salem at 503-945-9043. A starting point for reaching Mr. Schultz would be the main line at Snake River, 503-945-9090. […]

“He was very glad to hear that so many people are looking out for him.”

Security Threat Manager for the Dept. of Corrections Oregon – Doug Yancey – 503-945-9043

Security Threat Manager, Snake RiverC. Schultz503-945-9090

Rashid’s inmate number is #19370490
Snake River is open 8-5 PST/MST.  Further details on the situation and support actions will be posted here as they become available.

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