So-called “permit to campaign/permit to win” a military invention to discredit the revolutionary movement



The National Democratic Front-Eastern Visayas today said the alleged price list by the revolutionary movement for “permit to campaign/permit to win” fees in the coming elections is an invention by the 8th Infantry Division. “The allegation of the revolutionary movement’s “permit to campaign/permit to win” fees is a long-running attempt of the reactionary government and the military to deny and discredit the People’s Democratic Government,” said Fr. Santiago “Ka Sanny” Salas, NDF-EV spokesperson. “The 8th ID is maliciously trying to reduce into a mere financial transaction the otherwise highly significant reality of reactionary politicians negotiating with the People’s Democratic Government.

The reactionary politicians recognize that there are two governments in the country today, and in negotiating for electoral access they thereby accept the authority, territory, and the laws and policies of the People’s Democratic Government.” Fr. Salas added that all candidates in the 2013 elections must have permission for electoral access from the People’s Democratic Government.

“The reactionary politicians must negotiate the terms and conditions of their electoral access. They must abide with the requirements imposed on them, such as they must not threaten the people or buy votes, they must not bring excessive armed security or the military and police in their campaign sorties, and they must contribute to the well-being of the people. Those who violate the terms of their electoral access are subject to punishment like the disarming of their armed minions, confiscation of bribe money, and other such measures deemed necessary by the revolutionary authorities.”

Fr. Salas also scoffed at the military’s claim that electoral candidates can buy a “permit to win.” “A candidate with electoral access from the People’s Democratic Government must still convince the people in the revolutionary territory who are politically conscious and therefore critical of the reactionary ruling system. The revolutionary forces and the awakened masses understand the reactionary elections are farcical and will not lead to basic changes.

But they can certainly work together against reactionary die-hards who support the military’s human rights violations under Oplan Bayanihan, who are involved in plunder, and who are pushing for imperialist mining and other anti-national and anti-democratic policies. Meanwhile, candidates who are progressive in carrying nationalist and democratic aspirations will certainly strike a chord with the people. Thus the revolutionary forces and the people are the ones who must win in being united in what can be best gained in taking advantage of the reactionary elections to further advance the revolutionary struggle.” The NDF-EV spokesperson urged the people to be critical of the coming elections and to intensify their armed and unarmed struggles.

“The ruling system uses the reactionary dual tactics of armed violence on one hand to suppress the people, and elections on the other hand to sow disunity and calm the people without undertaking fundamental changes. The revolutionary forces must then do their best in the revolutionary dual tactics of intensifying the armed struggle and in taking advantage of the reactionary elections to unite the people.

The New People’s Army must increase offensives throughout the election period and beyond to broadcast to the people that revolution is the answer to their problems, not the elections. The revolutionary forces in the cities and countryside must seize the day to arouse, organize and mobilize the people in mass struggles for land, work, political and electoral reforms and other basic issues during the election period to highlight what the people are really demanding. The reactionary elections have always been about who will continue or will be the next to exploit and oppress the people, but the people can turn the tables on the reactionaries and advance the revolutionary cause.”

Fr. Santiago Salas (Ka Sanny) Spokesperson NDF Eastern Visayas Chapter January 30, 2013

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