CPN-Maoist Clippings 16/1/2013

CPN-Maoist forms 51-member CC

KIRAN PUN KATHMANDU, Jan 16: The seventh general convention of the CPN-Maoist that concluded on Tuesday formed a 51-member new Central Committee (CC) with Mohan Baidya as the chairman. All office bearers of the previous CC have retained their positions in the new CC. CP Gajurel has retained his position as vice-chairman, Ram Bahadur Thapa as general secretary, Dev Gurung and Netra Bikram Chand as secretaries. The convention on Tuesday elected a 43-member CC while eight other members will be nominated later. Mausam Limbu and Laxman Panta are the only new faces in the new CC.

The convention was extended for two days to elect new CC members. Party sources said around 300 names were recommended but after failing to elect new members the old committee was given continuity by keeping eight posts vacant for new members. Three CC members — Krishna Dhoj Khadka, Rekha Sharma and Kumar Dahal — had walked out of the convention expressing disagreement with the party´s political line.

They quit the CC voluntarily and were not present when the new CC was announced. The general convention endorsed the party´s previous political line of launching “people´s revolt” on the foundations of the decade long “people´s war” as proposed by party chairman Mohan Baidya, on Sunday. While stating that the circumstances would determine if the party would go for immediate armed struggle, the convention has decided to take two-pronged policy of armed and unarmed struggle for the realization of the party´s goals. The political line endorsed by the general convention holds significance because the UCPN (Maoist) party had split over the political line that Baidya had proposed.

While Baidya-led group had insisted on launching a people´s revolt, factions led by Pushpa Kamal Dahal and Baburam Bhattarai lobbied for “peace and constitution”. Similarly, some youth leaders have expressed disagreement with the party´s political line and retention of old faces in the new CC. They also claimed they were not allowed to register their note of descent. “No new policies were introduced nor are there any new members in the new CC. It would be better to call it a plenum than a convention,” questioned Ramdeep Acharya, chairman of the party´s trade union.


Baidhya unveils his plans for nation building

KATHMANDU: CPN–Maoist Chairman Mohan Baidhya unveiled his strategy for the nation as a part of the decisions of the seventh general congress at the press meet held at the Nepal Academy on Wednesday afternoon. In the meeting, Baidhya said that his party’s main aim is to implement the people’s republic for the sake of the people’s betterment. Baidhya speaking to the media persons stated that experience is the pillar of people’s war. His party will ride on that experience to go for people’s revolution eventually leading towards people’s revolt. Likewise, he emphasized on making new government and new constitution through fresh agreements. He asked for new round table conference to implement his decision for nation building.

KATHMANDU: CPN-Maoist is disclosing decisions of seventh general congress at Nepal Academy at 1:00 pm on Wednesday. The press meet is underway. Earlier the 7th National Congress of the CPN-Maoist that concluded on Tuesday declared a 51-member Central Committee (CC) under the leadership of party Chairman Mohan Baidhya. Details to follow


Baidya terms govt as ‘puppet’


CPN-Maoist Chairman Mohan Baidya in his proposal on current issues termed Baburam Bhattarai-led government as a ´puppet´. The proposal was distributed to journalists amid a press meet, today. “The puppet government should resign to pave the way for the formation of government led by patriotic, pro-federal and republic forces,”Baidya said in his statement. The proposal also demanded that the government scrap BIPPA agreement with India and decision to hand over responsibility to an Indian Company for upgrade, improvement and management of the Tribhuwan International Airport, among others. The government should immediately terminate the ´anti-national´ agreements like Upper Karnali, Koshi dam and Pancheshor projects, among others, the proposal further adds.


Majority of participants find fault with Baidhya’s ‘people’s war’ idea

2013-01-11 KATHMANDU: The majority of 1,600 senior cadres of the CPN-Maoist taking part in the seventh national convention of the party today accused party Chairman Mohan Baidhya of presenting ‘an illusive document’ which they said lacked the clarity on what the way forward should be. Chairman Baidhya in his document has stated that the party should go for a people’s revolt standing on the base of the people’s war. But sources claimed that the majority of participants, during their discussions, demanded that the party should go for ‘a protracted people’s war’ by adopting modern ways and relinquishing traditional methods. “We have advised the leadership to come up with appropriate ways that can ensure successful completion of the remaining course of revolution,” said a leader of Tamsaling State Committee.

“And a protracted people’s war is the only path that can lead us to that.” Tamsaling State Committee is presenting this view tomorrow. According to the leader, participants vehemently criticised Baidhya’s document saying it was mum on several issues, including on the ways to carry out the people’s revolt. The leader added that though ‘a protracted people’s war’ was a must, adopting traditional methods for the same would be suicidal. “We have even demanded that the party formulate a concrete action plan to counter imperialists who are using highly sophisticated information technology,” said the leader, adding that the convention should come up with a new model of revolution instead of endorsing Baidhya’s document that has ‘placative phrases mostly used by Pushpa Kamal Dahal’.

“In addition, the party should come up with a practical procedure so that problems facing the international communist movement, which is moving towards dissolution due to split in the name of two-line struggle, can be addressed.” But Badri Bajgain, joint-secretary of Bhojpura State Committee, claimed that his state committee was in favour of the chairman’s document. “We all agree on the main spirit of the document. We will put forward our suggestions though,” he said. Today’s session, which was stalled after several groups failed to complete their group discussions, will resume early morning tomorrow.


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