Peoples War in India Clippings 9/1/2013

Hardcore Maoist nabbed from West Singhbhum

In a major achievement for the security forces engaged in flushing out the ultras, a hardcore Maoist rebel was nabbed from Saranda forests, under Manoharpur police station of West Singhbhum district on Monday during the ongoing massive anti-Naxal combing operation ‘Anaconda 2’, police said. In a joint operation of the Central Reserve Police (CRPF) and Jharkhand police team, Bimal Gudia, wanted in over two dozen cases of Naxal violence including landmine blasts, murders and extortion, was caught.

The late father of the nabbed Maoist was also a notorious ring leader of Naxals who played a role in the formation of CPI-Maoist in Saranda in 2004 by merger of the then Peoples War Group (PWG) and Maoist Communist Centre (MCC). His sister was also arrested in the past for involvement in Maoist activities Operation Anaconda 2 was launched early last month to completely flush out Maoists from Saranda and pave way for speedy implementation of center sponsored Saranda Action Plan, a Rs250 crore development project.

“We cannot reveal on the status of the operation due to security reasons but yes we have nabbed a Maoist,” said a district police official. He said that the forces are targeting the different areas under the Saranda forest. Sources went on to inform that the Maoists activities in the area may hamper the development works being carried out under ambitious Rs250 cr. Saranda Action Plan, a brainchild of rural development minister Jairam Ramesh, who had visited Saranda four times in last one year.


Woman led Maoist attack on jawans

RANCHI: A woman was leading the attack on security personnel on Monday at Karmatiya forest in Latehar that killed 11 jawans and two Maoists and injured 16 security personnel. “A woman was leading the heavily armed rebel squad and caused maximum damage to the security forces,” said Manoj Kumar, an injured jawan of Jharkhand Jaguar. Kumar, who was airlifted from Daltonganj hospital and shifted to Apollo Hospital in Ranchi on Tuesday morning, added that the woman rebel fought for over five hours till she was hit by bullets.

“She sustained bullet injuries and cried for help,” he added. Other jawans also confirmed that they heard female voices screaming instructions to other cadres. Around 300 CRPF and Jharkhand Jaguar jawans treaded deep into the Karmatiya jungles, about 250 km from Ranchi as part of a combing operation when Maoists started indiscriminate firing from tree tops and hills.

The jawans’ little knowledge about the terrain put them in a disadvantageous position and they had to take cover behind trees, which proved fatal. The Maoists, who acted according to strategy, were sitting camouflaged on tree tops and caught the jawans unawares. The advanced under-barrel grenade launcher, which fires ammunition common to the multi-grenade launcher, could not help the jawans much as several groups of the rebels were operating from beyond its range area. “We also used rocket launchers which could do no harm to the rebels as they were on a low range,” said a jawan, who did not wish to be named.

“The rocket launchers blasted beneath the hills instead of going straight to the target,” another jawan said. Sunil Bara, a CRPF constable who was airlifted from the accident site on Tuesday, said, “Some of the Maoists were sitting atop the trees and were in camouflaging dresses.” The casualties would have been many times higher but the bullet-proof jackets, which the jawans were wearing, left many with minor injuries. The jawans said there was only one narrow path that cut through the forest to end near a row of hills occupied by the Maoists. “The Maoists did not react until over 200 jawans entered into the plains full of trees.

Suddenly the rebels, led by a woman Maoist, positioned atop the hills and started raining bullets on us,” said Manoj Kumar, who was hit by two bullets on his right rib. Subodh Saw of CRPF 134 battalion said utter confusion was created within the jawans as many of the rebels were dressed like CRPF and Jharkhand Jaguar commandos. One company of CRPF 134 battalion was moving in the front. A company of Jharkhand Jaguar was in the middle and again a group of CRPF 112 battalion was at the back. CRPF DIG B K Sharma, who was supervising the operation, said minute details of the operation and the faults would be obtained after the jawans are interviewed post-treatment.


Bid to capture top naxal goes awry in Jharkhand

The CRPF operation in Jharkhand’s Latehar was spurred by ‘specific actionable intelligence’ that Arvind alias Dev Kumar Singh, a member of the Maoist central committee, was camping in the area. The problem was, the Maoists were more than prepared to defend their leader, and the operation cost the CRPF a few good men. “There was specific information that Arvind was camping in this area, guarded by about 100 well-armed men,” said a top security official. This is a repeat of a similar operation conducted in the past to nab the top Maoist leader.

The last one was undertaken a few months ago in Chakradhalpur, a Maoist hub in Jharkhand’s Saranda forests, and the CRPF had incurred casualties in that operation too. Arvind, who underwent a rapid ascendance in Maoist hierarchy, was reported to have moved into Chakradhalpur from the Burhapahar area of Latehar. An attempt to nab him near Burhapahar had also failed.

Arvind, who is in his late fifties, hails from Sikaria village in Bihar’s Jehanabad district. Officials say his son is an IIT graduate. Since last month, security forces — comprising the CRPF, Cobra force, Jharkhand police commandos and the India Reserve Battalion (IRB) — have been engaged in an anti-Maoist operation, codenamed ‘Anaconda 2’, in the Saranda forests of West Singbhum district. The first phase of the five-month-long Operation Anaconda 1, which started in mid-2011, had yielded considerable success for the security forces. From 2008-09, there had been serious reverses for the Maoists in Jharkhand, Bengal, Bihar and large parts of Orissa. About half of the 35-40 members comprising the central panel are either dead or behind bars.


Top Maoist ‘Asanna’ from Andhra Pradesh enters Gadchiroli

Gadchiroli: A top Maoist, who was allegedly involved in a number of attacks on political leaders, including former Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu, has entered Gadchiroli, police said on Tuesday. The Maoist Thakkalpalli Vasudeorao, alias ‘Asanna’ alias ‘Satish’ alias ‘Vasu’ alias ‘Sujit’ (46), who carries a reward of Rs 25 lakh on his head, is alleged to be involved in murderous attacks on various top police officials and VIPs in Andhra Pradesh, Superintendent of Police Mohammed Suvez Haque told reporters today.

‘Asanna’ is a member of Communist Party of India (Maoist) Central Military Commission and its Dandakaranya Special Zonal Committee. ‘Asanna’ was allegedly involved in the attack on former Chandrababu Naidu near Tirupati in 2003, the murder of Andhra DIG Vyas near Lal Bahadur Stadium, killing of Karimnagar SP Umesh Chandra and also murder of Atmapur MLA Vengal Reddy. A reward of Rs 25 lakhs has been declared on his head by the police. The Gadchiroli police also declared a prize of Rs 1 lakh to those informing his whereabouts and promised to keep the name of the informer secret.

The Gadchiroli police have also published pamphlets carrying his picture and circulated them in the district. He is now believed to be active in Gadchiroli and Gondia areas, the police said. Meanwhile, Maoists set off a powerful blast near Heti village in Dhanora taluka of the district just 200 metres away from Dhanora police station this afternoon when the police were organising a three-day public awareness camp. Hearing the sound of the blast, the police rushed to the spot but on seeing the police arriving, the Maoists ran away into the nearby forest. However, there was no any injury to anybody in this incident, the police said. PTI


Two youths nabbed with Naxal docs, levy money

Hazaribagh police have arrested two youths from Dukru forest of Churchu Police Staion area and have recovered Rs38,450 and Naxal literature from them. The arrested youths accepted that this amount is levy money collected from the vehicles passing through this area.

Hazaribagh police had got concrete information that Zonal Commander Santosh Mahto and Bhagat Ji were in the area with their groups and were collecting ‘tax’ from this area. SP Manoj Kaushik immediately formed a team headed by DSP Ratneshwar Thakur to start search operation in Churchu area. During this search operation police found two suspected youths near Edla-Harli of Dukru forest. When the team searched them levy amount and Naxal literature were recovered.

Arrested youths Kartik Murmu and Arjun Soren accepted that they have collected this amount from the owners of those vehicles which runs in this area. Both youths have been sent to jail. Kartik Murmu was in jail due to his naxal links and was released a few days earlier. Vishnugarh Inspector Ramejish Toppo, Officer In-Charge Churchu PS Surendra Ravidas, Assistant Commandant of CRPF at Churchu camp Sarvar Hussain, Assistant Commandant of CRPF at Vishnugarh camp KK Singh and forces of JAP and CRPF were the other members of the team along with DSP Vishnugarh Ratneshwar Thakur.


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