World Popular Resistance Clippings 24/12/2012

Tata Steel: 25 Injured After Labor Protest at Factory

MUMBAI–Tata Steel Ltd. said some contract workers and the company’s security personnel clashed at its factory in eastern India’s Jamshedpur town Monday, injuring about 25 people. Five of them, including a photo journalist, were injured when security personnel fired rubber bullets at a violent mob, a company spokesman said. Others who injured were the plant’s security personnel, he added.

The agitating workers also damaged cars, burnt a few two-wheelers and broke one of the factory gates, Tata Steel said in a statement. The plant’s operations weren’t affected, it added. The statement didn’t give any reasons for the agitation, but the spokesman said it wasn’t over wage disputes of layoffs. “We are still trying to find out why they did it,” he said. “The police will come into the scene soon.” Shahnawaz Alam, a spokesman for the Tata Workers Union, said he won’t comment on the incident because those involved were contract workers and not the union’s members. The plant’s contract workers couldn’t be contacted for comment.

Eight prison inmates suffocate to death in fire in Ibb Central Prison

SANA’A — Eight people died and three others were injured in a fire inside the Central Prison of Ibb on Saturday afternoon. Fuad Al-Atab, Ibb Security Director, said that prisoner Abdulkareem Rashid Al-Ba’dani, a prisoner accused of murdering a person and sentenced to death, caused the blaze by setting his mattress and clothes on fire. He said 200 prisoners were in the cells at the time. The eight who died suffocated to death. Al-Atab said prison guards were able to get the other prisoners into a prison courtyard, saving their lives. Anti-riot forces and fire trucks then arrived at the scene. He said that a committee from the Criminal Investigation, Prisons Authority and the General Prosecution has been established to investigate the matter.

The committee started working Saturday night. Initial findings of the investigations confirm the fire was started by Al-Ba’dani. Ali Al-Ghani, the former head of the prison, who was replaced two weeks ago, said that the new administration had provided mattress for the prisoners. According to Al-Ghan, on a previous visit to the prison, he suggested the security administration move problematic prisoners to other places. He says this request was ignored. The prisoners who died during the fire suffered from psychological disorders and were unable to escape when the fire broke out he said.

Al-Ghani explained that the prisoners started screaming immediately after Al-Ba’dani set his clothes and mattresses on fire, but the guards’ intervention was delayed. The event is the latest in a series of protests over the last few months at the prison. In October, three inmates were injured when prison guards opened fire on them after they staged a protest. Subsequent protests erupted when one prisoner shackled another inmate and beat him. In the same month, some prisoners set their mattresses ablaze to protest mistreatment in the prison, according to the media reports. In December, two prisoners cut their ears off, and the third cut off his finger in another protest against mistreatment. Al-Ghani denies accusations of abuse

Guards Reportedly Taken Hostage as Protests Erupt at Roumieh Prison

Protests erupted on Sunday at Roumieh prison, Lebanon’s largest prison facility, “after cellphones were confiscated from some inmates during an inspection of the prison and amid reports saying that some inmates will be transferred” to another location, state-run National News Agency reported.

“The situation is tense at the juvenile ward and reports said inmates could be holding some prison guards hostage,” NNA said. Earlier, LBCI television reported that “protests erupted at the convicts building in Roumieh prison after reports said they will be transferred to another building.” For it part, MTV said “some prisoners have taken hostage a number of guards at the juvenile ward in Roumieh.” On December 8, several Roumieh inmates rioted to protest the treatment they are undergoing at the facility by some security guards, NNA reported. NNA said back then that the offenders were supposed to be referred to the judiciary to take appropriate measures against them.

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