Peoples War in India Clippings 14/12/2012

Life of Salwa Judum leaders in peril now

Participating and leading in one of the most aggressive Tribal movements of recent times in Chhattisgarh, Salwa Judum, is turning out to be lethal for the Salwa Judum leaders. So far about two-dozen Salwa Judum leaders have been slain by the Maoist insurgents while more than one-and-half dozen are on the hit list of left wing insurgents. The recent example of Maoist vengeance was the elimination of former Salwa Judum leader Chinnaram Gota along with his guard in the troubled Sukma district few days back.

Earlier, Sikka Manjhi another Salwa Judum leader was killed by in Gangalur weekly market by the Naxals. Jileram, who led the Salwa Judum in Vijaygiri and Jangla areas also met with the same fate. Similarly, Budhram Rana other Salwa Judum leader was also killed by the Maoists. Maoists in recent past had targeted the vehicle of BJP legislator from Bijapur Mahesh Gagda who had a close escape of the land-mine blast triggered by Maoists near Madded area.

However Mahesh Pujari who was in the other vehicle was not much lucky and was killed in blast. Salwa Judum the State Government supported movement that started in 2005 against the Maoist in the region, later, after whip of the Supreme Court to the State Government had to withdraw its support from movement. However in the following years State Government absorbed most of the SPO in State Police services. However considering the serious threat to the lives of Salwa Judum leaders the State Government had provided them with security guards.


Eight Maoists killed in Chhattisgarh

Raipur: Security forces have killed eight Maoists in an attack on their training camp near Pakhanjur in Chhattisgarh. Three teams of the police and the special task force, with 75 members each, targeted the camp on Thursday evening in Madh area near Pakhanjur. They seized the body of one Maoist and some weapons. The superintendent of police in Kanker, Chhattisgarh confirmed the operation. 59


Reds nabbed in Ranchi dist in 2012

RANCHI: This year has been a successful one for Ranchi police in terms of its offensive against Maoist rebels in and around the state capital. With 59 arrests in 2012 so far, the district police, along with CRPF and other security forces, have put various Red organizations on the foot. The arrests include those of some top Maoists like sub-zonal and zonal commanders of the CPI (Maoists) and the People’s Liberation Front of India (PLFI).

Some arrested rebels also carried rewards on their heads. Ranchi SSP Saket Kumar Singh, who has planned and executed the offensive against the rebels, said: “The arrests have been a result of a collective effort by the entire team.” He added that the arrests have been made during special operations as well as other random missions in the Maosit strongholds in rural areas of the district. A total of 10 rifles, 18 guns and five powerful can bombs have been seized from rebels this year, along with detonators, ammonium nitrate, boosters and live cartridges.

The huge cache of explosives that police had recovered was enough to blow up a large part of the state capital. Rural SP A V Minz – who has monitored almost all anti-Red operations in the area, said confidence-building measures initiated by the department in rural areas have led to the success. The prized catches this year include the arrest of Dhneshwar Yadav, a zonal commander of PLFI with six rifles, two revolvers and hundreds of bullets from Mahuazari village, 40km from here. PLFI zonal commander Yadav alias Kargil Yadav, was accused of various crimes and had fooled the police several times. He was arrested along with six members Mohan Ram alias Machhar, Varun Yadav, Prem Yadav, Pintu Oraon, Vijay Oraon and Sanjeev Oraon.

Of the 59 arrests, around 40% of the arrests have been made from Bundu, Tamar, Namkum, Itki, Bero, Lapung Silli and Mandar. “The arrests have led to lesser rebel movement in these areas,” said Minz. The police have also increased the number of ‘spotters’ in these areas apart from the Special Police Officers (former Maoists who work for the police), said Minz. A total of 69 Naxals were arrested in 2011. “There are 17 more days to go till the end of the year. We are working on several inputs. Hopefully, more arrests will be made this year,” said the rural SP.


Anaconda–II to strike fast & longer

The fresh operation to weed out Maoists from the dense forests of Saranda is expected to last longer than the anti-insurgency operation carried out in August-September 2011. Highly-placed sources said Operation Anaconda-II is expected to continue for more than three months, as a result of the ongoing Saranda Development Programme. The operation  involving 1,500-odd troops and officials of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), India Reserve Battalion (IRB), anti-Naxal CoBRA, Jharkhand Jaguar and Jharkhand Police  was started on December 9.

It began from Thalkobad area of the 850-square km jungles of West Singhbhum district, which house 56 villages. The main objective of Anaconda-II is to instil fear among the rebels and a sense of security among labourers engaged in development projects. These projects had suffered a setback after Naxal-sponsored violence in Kiriburu block on November 26.

“We want to ensure strict vigil over ultras trying to hamper development work under the ambitious Rs 250-crore Saranda Action Plan, of Union Rural Development Minister Jairam Ramesh, who visited Saranda four times in past year,” said the official. Deputy Inspector General of CRPF (Ranchi) BK Sharma, present in-charge of the Saranda operation, confirmed that the forces will provide security cover to development projects.

“We cannot reveal much but yes, we have reports that rebels are trying to re-establish themselves by triggering violence there. We want to ensure that the area becomes free of all Maoist activity. In the last operation, we had destroyed camps but this time, we are trying to make them morally weak,” said the officer.


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