International Conference on 24 November in Hamburg: message from the Maoist Communist Organization of Tunisia


Protesters demonstrate against the Tunisian interim government in front of riot police at Kasbah square in Tunis

Dear comrades

We, The Communist Maoists organization in Tunisia, would have liked to attend this international conference to express our support for the people’s war in India led by our comrades of the Indian Communist Maoist party. We wish success to this international conference which brings together various MLM parties and organizations based on the realization of proletarian internationalism and the solid unity between revolutionary movement in the imperialist countries and the struggle for national democratic and popular revolutions in semi-colonial – semi-federal countries.

We believe that this common struggle against imperialism and Zionism and their lackeys will be consolidated and extended to several countries when we strengthen the unity of the international Maoist communist movement and expand the global anti-imperialist and anti-Zionist front to all forces fighting these fierce and bloodthirsty enemies. Our Arab people in Palestine, Lebanon and Iraq are leading a heroic armed struggle against the occupiers and against all conspiracies trying to silence the voice of the armed struggle.

Our duty, we Maoist Communist Arabs is to build our party through an ideological and political struggle without hesitation in front of all revisionist and reformist and Trotskyist drafts who spread among the masses “the dream of peaceful transitions” and participate with the reactionary in the abortion of the earnings of the Arab countries insurrections.

Armed by MLM and by the national democratic and popular revolution’s program, we unite with all nationalists and resistant Islamist forces in a large united front against imperialism, Zionism and Arab reactionary, learning from the experiences of the glorious International Communist movement. We hope to attend the next international meeting to expose to our comrades our views about the international situation and the situation in our Arab homeland.

Glory to the revolution in India and the People’s War.

Long live the armed struggle in Palestine.

Down with imperialism, Zionism and reactionaries.

Long live the struggle of workers, peoples and oppressed nations.

M.C.O.T Tunisia 19 november 2012

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