International Conference on 24 November in Hamburg: message from the Maoist Communist Movement of Tunisia


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Our red flag flies on in India

Dear comrades:

1- We thank the organizers of Hamburg conference for having invited us but we regret not being able to assist and we limit our participation in this short speech in testimony of our proletarian solidarity.

2- We bring our unwavering support to this courageous initiative to which we wish all success and hope it will be beneficial for all the revolutionary movement. We also appreciate all the efforts made for the rebuilding of an international Communist on the basis of Marxism Leninism Maoism.

3 We are proud of the progress achieved by the C.P.I (Maoist) especially since 2004, date of its creation and we congratulate the militants and combatants who, thanks to their tenacity and bravery could liberate the 1/3 of the “Indian” territory and found a popular power, the power of the new democracy.

4 We denounce the crimes, tortures and massacres (operation “Green Hunt” as example) perpetrated by the reactionary governmental forces who use on the one hand the Nazis processes employed against the resistants and on the other hand, they are helped by the US special forces and Mossad trained to sabotage the guerrilla.

5- we affirm that the popular war in India is our war,, because imperialism and its lackeys carry out a war against the exploited workers and the oppressed people all over the world and vis-a-vis this violence of reactionary State, only the popular war directed by the Communist Maoist party can lead to victory, liberation and the building of the popular power, the new democracy, paving the way to socialism.

6- Our red banner flies on a small piece of the globe, the 1/3 of “India” territory, but when we know that this country counts more than 1,2 billion inhabitants, the stake becomes of size and we understand the savageness of imperialism and his servants against the revolutionary movement and the popular war in particular, we also understand why they did everything to transform the insurrections in the Arab countries in their favor, these spontaneous insurrections without revolutionary leadership could not go far, although the masses continue to fight tooth and nail.

7- we exhort all the Communist militants to remain vigilant, to carry out the struggle between the two lines, the Marxism and the revisionism of any kind and to draw lessons from the experience in Peru then in Nepal because if the enemy cannot break down the popular war, it will call upon opportunist services. Opportunism of all kind preaches the peaceful coexistence, “the democratic transition” and the “ transparent elections”… in order to safeguard the reactionary old State and thus prevent the construction of a new State under the leadership of the proletariat which will carry out the whole humanity towards the achievement of the communist ideal, a classless society.

Let us support the popular war in India

Long Live the struggle of the workers and oppressed people

Long Live Marxism Leninism Maoism

Let us work for the rebuilding of the Communist Maoist international

Communist Maoist movement – Tunisia – November 2012

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