CPN-Maoist Clippings 10/12/2012

Gurung calls for scrapping new election announcement

BHAKTAPUR: CPN-Maoist Secretary Dev Gurung said scrapping of the announcement of fresh election to the Constituent Assembly by the president is the best solution to the present political crisis in the country. Taking part in an interaction programme organised by the Rafat Sanchar Club, Bhaktapur on Monday, Gurung said there was no alternative to returning to the situation of May 27. The May 27 move of Prime Minister Dr Baburam Bhattarai of declaring the election has made the constitutional bodies defunct and the President has no right to reinstate the CA but he holds the right to activate the constitution, he said, urging the President to be active to give an outlet to the nation.

The new deadline given by the President to political parties for ensuring a national consensus government will go in vain again if the President does not go back to May 27, he said. He, however, said there was no way except for an agitation to topple the government. The announcement of new election is just an attempt of the government to lengthen its stay in power, claimed Gurung and said the Congress and UML have been wasting valuable time running after the government.


Gurung urges film workers to stand by national integrity

KATHMANDU, Dec. 8: CPN-Maoist Secretary Dev Gurung has urged film workers to raise voice in favour of national independence through the means of art and film. Addressing the second national gathering of All Nepal Film workers Association here on Saturday, made this plea to stand by national independence saying that the country´s nationality is in grave crisis. The country has witnessed vehement foreign interference in cultural sector with the growing external intervention in the national economy, Gurung claimed. He suggested the Nepali film makers to produce films promoting national identity and fundamental values. “The country now has reached the state of neo-colonialism and is at high risk to face the destiny that of Fiji, Afghanistan and Sikkim if a struggle of national independence was not launched against this state,” leader Gurung asserted.

Chairperson of Film Makers´ Association Raj Kumar Rai said they had supported the earlier move initiated by CPN-Maoist to ban the screening of foreign films for a definite time and stressed the need to limit the screening of foreign movies. On the occasion, various speakers including Chairperson of All Nepal People´s Cultural Federation Iswor Chandra Gyawali and Vice-chairperson of All Nepal Writers´ Association Khem Thapaliya wished that the gathering would be successful to choose an able leadership to fight against foreign interference in Nepali film horizon.


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