Peoples War in India Clippings 28/11/2012

Anti-Naxal Force search for ‘Naxalites’ in Charmady draws a blank

MANGALORE: The Anti-Naxal Force (ANF) following leads on possible presence of Naxalites in Charmady Ghat area in DK district came across few items of daily use from inside the jungle on Wednesday. The area lies slightly ahead and to right of Charmady check-post and comes under Belthangady police station limits. However, the information proved to be a hoax and ANF came away with nothing more than a couple of bags of ration and other items.

ANF chief Alok Kumar told TOI that two ANF teams on combing ops in the area on Tuesday had some information about Naxalite presence around Charmady. The ANF team found two bags, clothes, ration, 100 paper plates and cups each, a hen, tarpaulin and other items. The team also spotted two boys flee the scene. These teenagers incidentally who were reported missing for the last 4-5 days, later surfaced in their respective homes, Alok said.

The teenagers were later questioned by the local police, who found nothing incriminating to connect them with Left winged extremists, Alok said, adding ANF had doubts if these boys were supplying essential items to Naxalites, such as those found in the area.

Since the ANF team did not come across any utensils or find any sign of cooking in the area, one cannot authoritatively state that Naxalites were in the area, he added. Notwithstanding this, ANF has pressed two more teams for combing from Kottigehara and Neriya side to complement efforts of two other teams already at Charmady, Alok said. “We are utilising this exercise for area familiarisation and area domination,” he said dismissing rumours that ANF had captured a Naxalite. ANF restarted combing operations with vigour after Naxalites did not take up government’s recent cease fire and surrender offer.

Shortage of arms crippling Naxal movement in AOB

Visakhapatnam: “A good supply system is of basic importance to the guerrilla hand,” Cuban revolutionary and legendary guerilla leader Che Guevara had said. And the Maoists who are waging an insurgency against the state swear by his words. But the state police and the security forces engaged in flushing out the red rebels from the Andhra-Orissa Border (AOB) follow a different doctrine altogether. Their idea is to choke the Maoists where it hurts the most. And that area is the arms sector. Since the last couple of months, the security forces have been working on a well-planned strategy to turn off the supply lines of arms to the banned outfit. And this strategy is paying dividends, says a senior officer involved in the anti-Maoist operations.

In the last 10 months, about 20 arm dumps have been unearthed by the security forces, including the discovery of a 10-year-old arms depot in the Mangi forest of Adilabad that was once considered to be a hotbed of the north Telangana Maoists. Recently, in East Godavari also, the police discovered a huge cache wherein rocket launchers and other explosives were found. They also unearthed two dumps in Ranga reddy district that is located very close to the state capital, apart from Warangal and Nalgonda districts. Not only the state police but forces from the neighbouring states too have been successful in recovering huge arms dumps with the help of surrendered cadres. In many of the unearthed dumps, huge drums filled with explosive material were found in the Maoist stronghold areas like Malkangiri and Koraput districts of Orissa.

The strategy being followed by the security forces is simple – get information from the arrested or surrendered Naxals or militia members. And creating a void in the leadership has also been a key aspect of their strategy. The forces have been successful in arresting or eliminating quite a few top rung leaders from the central committee and politburo.

This includes the arrest of think tanks and strategists of the party like Kobad Ghandy, Varanasi Subrahmanyam alias Vimal, Narla Ravi Sarma, Amit Bagchi, Prasad Singh, Balaraju and the alleged encounters of Cherukuri Raj Kumar alias Azad, Kishanji, Sakamuri Appa Rao and Patel Sudhakar Reddy. All the arrested key leaders were booked under multiple cases, and a majority of them figured in the Gunukurai conspiracy case. It is believed that booking them under multiple cases was by itself a strategy to ensure that they do not come out of prison easily and rejoin the movement, a senior intelligence officer from the police department told TOI.

This apart, the security forces are now focusing on militia members, who are considered to be the backbone of the Maoist movement. The Vizag rural cops have recently arrested six armed militia squad members and with their help, they could take another 40 other militia members into custody. Visakha district cops have been carrying out arrests of the key militia members since the Rallagedda incident in Chintapalli mandal 10 months ago. “It is not that we just want to arrest the militia members. A major portion of the militia wing comprises tribals and we wish to rescue them from the clutches of the Maoists. Many from primitive tribal groups such as Kondu join the movement out of fear. We want them to leave the movement and lead a normal life,” explained Vizag Rural SP G Srinivas.

He also said Maoists were facing a huge scarcity of arms in the AOB as the procurement of arms had come to a virtual halt, thanks to the arrest of several key leaders. “We have information about shortage of arms and also about several cadres ailing due to various diseases. We are advising Maoists cadres to give up arms and lead a normal life. We will not harass anybody and will help them get back into the mainstream,” he said.

CPI Maoists killed 3 JPC cadres in Palamu:

SP Panki in Palamu witnessed the massacre of JPC cadres by the CPI Maoists. The Maoists killed 3 JPC men. One killed was the leader of the JPC in Panki areas identified as Babulal Bhuiyan alias Avinash. Palamu SP A T Mathew while confirming these three killings by the CPI Maoists said the Maoists had avenged the killing of their one man Shahdeo who they believed was killed by Babulal Bhuiyan. He said Shahdeo was murdered by Babulal Bhuiyan two months ago in Panki.

The three were held by the Maoists on Tuesday Nov 27 and this morning NOV 28 their bodies were found lying on Taal road under Panki police station. Relatives of the three have been asked by Palamu police to collect the bodies . The three had gun and knife injuries said Mathew. Mathew did not rule out any retaliation by JPC now to avenge this killing of 3. A chain killing may set off he does not deny. He added security forces are prepared to curb both the naxal outfits the CPI Maoists and the JPC. Mathew agreed the three were trapped by the Maoists as these three were in normal clothes and not in any uniform thereby suggesting they were a bit off guard themselves.

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