Rally behind the Palestinian people’s demand for an end to the bombing and economic blockade against Gaza-CPP

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) condemns in the strongest possible terms the brutal and barbaric bombing of residential areas and public infrastructure in the Palestinian territory of Gaza in complete disregard for the lives of civilians. The bombing spree since November 14 has resulted in the deaths of more than a hundred people, including entire families, children and infants, and injuries to close to a thousand others.

The CPP condemns the Israeli Armed Forces for carrying out the US-style drone-missile assassination of Hamas military leader Ahmad Jabari who was killed with his companion inside a vehicle in central Gaza last November 14. The assassination is an international crime and violates Palestinian sovereignty. It was carried out treacherously a few days after a ceasefire agreement was forged with Palestine, where Jabari served as negotiator. Soon after Jabari’s assassination, the Hamas fighters retailiated by firing small-scale rockets that reached southern Israel.

They have so far fired 67 rockets which have caused minimal damage and resulted in injuries to three people. In stark contrast, Israel has launched 1,350 bomb attacks on Gaza since Wednesday. The Filipino revolutionary forces condemn plans by the Israeli government to launch another ground invasion of Palestine.

In 2008, the Israeli government launched a three-week ground invasion of Gaza, leaving 1,400 Palestinians dead. The CPP and the Filipino revolutionary forces have long supported the struggle of the Palestinian people for national self-determination. They are in solidarity with Palestinian people’s organizations and movements carrying out a determined struggle to defend their nation’s sovereignty.

The CPP and the Filipino people support the Palestinian people’s demand for Israel to lift its economic blockade against Palestine. It is utterly despicable for Israel to shut its borders with Gaza, restricting commerce and the entry of food, water, medicine and other essential commodities to the people of Gaza in an effort to make them bow to Israeli power. The CPP condemns the Israeli government for using fascist and fanatic rhetoric such as “(sending) Gaza back to the Middle Ages” as its only assurance of peace.

The CPP joins the peace-loving peoples of the world in demanding that the Israeli government immediately cease its bombing campaign in Gaza and lift the economic blockade imposed against Gaza. The Filipino people condemn the US imperialist government for its continued support of the fascist and fanatical Zionist government of Israel. Israel is the biggest recipient of US foreign military funding. It serves as the US power base in the Middle East and receives ever bigger military assistance as the US prepares to engage in further intervention targeting Iran and other countries asserting independence from US dominance.

Communist Party of the Philippines November 20, 2012

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