Mukhiya spouse punished at kangaroo court

GAYA: Maoists on Friday night organized a Jan Adalat (Kangaroo Court) in the Lutua forests under Naxal-hit Banke Bazar police station in Gaya district for the ‘summary trial’ of Baidyanath Chaudhary, husband of the local mukhiya Meena Devi. The trial continued for several hours. According to reports reaching the district headquarters, the Maoists presented a three-point ‘chargesheet’ against the mukhiya’s husband. The charges were that the accused worked as a police informer, enjoyed proximity to the local MLA and assembly Speaker Udai Narain Chaudhary and misled the local Dalits on several issues.

The Kangaroo Court, as per reports, found Chaudhary guilty on all the three counts and awarded him corporal punishment of doing several rounds of sit up in the presence of the villagers and made him apologise for his ‘mistakes’ and secured an assurance that he will ‘behave’ in future. A frightened Chaudhary was released from Maoist captivity with a stern warning not to rub the Maoists on the wrong side. The Maoists also reportedly told him that any indiscretion on his part in future would invite severe punishment. Sherghati SDPO Rajesh Kumar said that he was not aware of any Kangaroo Court being organized by the Maoists.

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