Kanwar yet again urges Army action on Naxals

State Home Minister Nankiram Kanwar has once again propagated the use of Indian Army against the spreading Naxal menace. Shocking a few, Kanwar also termed the ‘Salwa Judum’ as genuine and right. “The Naxals have strong connections with numerous national and international terror outfits. Not only are these terror outfits training the Naxals but they are also being supplied with the latest technology and arms to rage bloodshed in the region,” stated the State Home Minister. According to Kanwar, masterminds behind numerous terror attacks across the globe are now training and collaborating the Naxals to chalk out their strategies.

“The Naxals are the biggest threat to the internal security of the nation,” stated Kanwar. Kanwar strongly believes that the Indian Army should be brought in to end the Naxal menace. According to Kanwar, the army should be deployed across the infected areas of the country. Commenting on the Salwa Judum, Kanwar stated that the activities of the Salwa Judum had given huge setbacks to the Naxal menace. The movement had to be stopped due to the court’s verdict. Kanwar also accepted that the State Government failed to sufficiently present their stand about their involvement in the movement. Raising serious allegations, Kanwar also stated that the so called social and human right activists benefit the most from the ongoing Naxal spread. “Such social and human rights activists should be identified at earliest and stern actions should be taken against them,” stated Kanwar.

He also informed that a few of such activists working in the State have been identified and actions have been initiated against them. Greatly appreciating and applauding the security forces deployed at the Naxal infested regions, Kanwar stated that, “the determination and fearlessness of the security forces has completely derailed the Naxal actions in the state”. It is not the first time that Kanwar has come out in the open backing the use of Indian Army against the Naxals. Time and again Kanwar has propagated the idea as he also continues to favour and support the Salwa Judum movement in the State.


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