Baidhya’s nay to agreement by four parties only

KATHMANDU: Chairman of the CPN-Maoist Mohan Baidhya has said his party would not accept the agreement forgedabetween only three or four parties. Addressing a programme organised by the Newa Mukti Morcha affiliated to the party on the occasion of Nepal Sambat 1133 in the Capital on Saturday, Chairman Baidhya said it was high time the four big parties became wise. It was worrying that three or four parties’ meetings in the name of consensus were just concentrating on government, he said, adding, “The republic itself has been more than enough to the four parties. They are indifferent to solving the problems of different caste, class, region and gender, he accused. Similarly, he said if the constitution was brought without addressing the issues of caste, class, region and federalism, his party would not accept it.

He warned of tearing the constitution that does not heed diverse interests. He made it clear that his party’s agenda was now the solution of people’s problems rather than taking up arms again. Nepal Sambat should not only be related to the Newar community but to the entire Nepalis, according to Chairman Baidhya. On the occasion, party spokesperson Pampha Bhushal said the 12-point understanding has already been irrelevant, so new agreement was a present need. She also pointed out the need to bring into practice the Nepal Sambat in addition to marking it as a special day. The programme had special participation of the Newari organisations and cadres of the Newa Mukti Morcha.

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