Portuguese workers stage austerity protests, marred by violence

LISBON, Nov. 14 — Portuguese workers called on Wednesday its third anti-government general strike, which was accompanied pockets of violence and arrests. In Lisbon, Portugal’s largest workers union CGTP led thousands on an all-day march. Upon the protestors’ arrival at the parliament building around 5 p.m. local time (1700 GMT), several arrests were made, while five were injured and one was hospitalized.

Protesters were seen removing a police barrier and attempting to storm a stairway leading up to the parliament as they targeted riot police with fire crackers, beer bottles, rubbish bins and stones by some protesters, many of whom were wearing hoods and masks. Riot police dispersed the crowds firing off at least six rounds in the air and used battons and dogs as protesters retreated into nearby buildings and setting alight plastic rubbish bins, while some members of Parliament were escorted by security guards to their cars.


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