Maoists used ‘outsiders’ in ambush

RANCHI: In a change of tactic, the Maoists have decided not to use local rebels in any major attack. This method was used for the first time in Jharkhand during Friday’s ambush on a prisoner van in Giridih. Sources in the intelligence department said all the rebels involved in the ambush were from outside the state. “Right from planning to execution, everything was done at Jamui in Bihar. The rebel leaders sitting in Bihar used the inputs from Maoists in Jharkhand but did not share any details of the attack and how and when it will be executed,” said a source.

On Friday, the rebels had attacked the van at Mahadev Chowk in Giridih, killing three policemen and one undertrial besides freeing eight of their comrades. The Maoists also got logistic support from outside Jharkhand. Sources said the group, which included women, was last seen at a bus stand in the industrial area close to the site just before the attack. Intelligence officers feel that the Maoists took this (using outsiders) as a test operation to check if this type of attack can be successful of not. “The rebels have successfully executed the test operation and also managed to send a message that the organization is still active and can strike at will,” said an officer. Director general of police (DGP) G S Rath also admitted that most of the planning was done at Jamui in Bihar.

“The attack was led by Maoist leader Chirag, who is active in Bihar, and according to preliminary investigation, most of them, if not all, were from outside the state. The way the attack was executed we feel that the rebels also had good idea of topography and some of them, who are at present not associated with Jharkhand, must have roots in places in and around Giridih,” said Rath. The DGP said one Sahdeo Majhi who hails from Bishungarh area of Hazaribagh district may have played important role in collecting information about the movement of prisoner vehicle. At present, Majhi is a member of Bihar-Jharkhand Special Area Committee.

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