Seven held for Giridih ambush

In a major breakthrough, the Giridih Police on Saturday arrested seven persons in connection with the Naxal attack on Friday where three policemen were killed while the Maoists succeeded in freeing eight Maoists while they were being taken back to the prison after production before different courts in Giridih. The police have also recovered a Bolero jeep, a tractor and 12 motorcycles from the Devri and Bengabad area which were said to be used in the attack by the Maoists on Friday. According to the Police, intensive search operation has been started in the adjoining areas and it has succeeded in getting vital clue against the culprits who were involved in the attack.

“It appears that the operation was conducted to free hardcore Maoist Anuj Ji and raid on the Police van was conducted by one Chirag Dasta (Group),” State Police spokesperson SN Pradhan said. The Maoists also took away six carbines and one 303 rifle with them, he added. Terming the incident as a deliberate mistake on the part of police, Pradhan said that those found responsible for the incident will not be spared and duly punished. He also said that there are very bleak chances of their arresting as they might have escaped from the area. He added that an intensive search operation has been started in the area and police have succeeded in getting vital clues.

Raising concern on the incident, the Police Association has said that despite having intelligence input that the Maoists might resort to such attack to free their cadres, police was negligent while ferrying the prisoners resulting to the killing of three policemen. Sources said that the major police force on Friday was deployed at former Chief Minister Babulal Marandi’s programme in the area without having any apprehension about such incident might take place. Chances of involvement of the local unions could not be neglected and there were substantial inputs that intensive reiki was being done by the Maoists of the area for the last few days, said the source.

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