CPN-Maoist puts off formation of own army

KATHMANDU, Nov 6: The Central Working Committee (CWC) meeting of CPN-Maoist endorsed the proposal of party Chairman Mohan Baidya on the formation of “armed force” when deemed necessary in future” even as almost all CWC members exerted pressure on the party leadership to form immediately the party´s own “army”. The CWC meeting that concluded on Monday endorsed the political document after Chairman Baidya convinced the CWC members on the reason why he chose the words “armed forces” instead of making an announcement to form “army” immediately in his document. Beside Chairman Baidya, other office bearers of the party including Vice-chairman CP Gajurel, General Secretary Ram Bahadur Thapa and Secretaries Dev Gurung and Netra Bikram Chand also spoke at the meeting to address the queries raised by CWC members.

Almost all CWC members had exerted pressure on the party leadership to replace the words “armed forces” with “army” in the document. The meeting also endorsed the party´s political line of people´s revolt, taking the bases of the ´people´s war.´ “Chairman Kiran ji [Baidya] has convinced us that we should move cautiously in choosing the political language in our political document and it won´t be good to put the word ´army´ right now,” said a CC member. He said that cice-chairman, general secretary and the two secretaries also echoed chairman Baidya. While mentioning that the main political line of the party would be people´s revolt that takes the bases of decade-long ´people´s war´, the political document endorsed by the CWC states that the formation of the “armed forces” is the second priority after the formation of a revolutionary party.

The bases of ´people´s war´ include Red Army, People´s Government and People´s Court, which the Maoists had practiced during insurgency. “All movements and efforts of the party will now be put to make people´s revolt a success. Such a revolt is possible only through the joint mobilization of people and the army. So, the formation of a separate army of the party comes to a priority,” said another CWC member. The revolutionary red army is the one of the three “magical weapons” of the revolution, according to communist theories. During insurgency era, then CPN (Maoist) had formed the PLA as the Red Army to meet its political goal of forming a “new democratic system”.


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