Maoists oppose Arjun Munda’s road tour in Jharkhand

Simdega, Nov 3 (ANI): Maoists in Jharkhand have opposed Chief Minister Arjun Munda’s road tour in the state, calling it a ‘political stunt’. Munda toured the state in the first phase for four days last month. The second leg of the tour is to begin from November 4. The first phase of his road tour drew flack from political parties.

However, this time he has received threat from Maoists. Superintendent of Police, Simdega district, Parbhat Kumar, confirmed the reports of an increased Maoist presence in the area. He added that tight security arrangements will be made during Munda’s visit. “As per the information we have so far, there is an increase of Maoist rebels in the area. Though we do not have the number, but our efforts will be to locate their areas and launch an operation.

Also, we will try to dominate the area where the Chief Minister is to visit and make sure and make tight security arrangements,” he said. In the second phase of his visit, Munda is likely to cover Simdega, Gumla and Lohardaga, which are considered to be the Maoist hotbeds. In an interview with the reporters, Maoist Vishwamitra criticised the chief minister’s visit, and said that he is touring in the state in order to gain political mileage.

“The Chief Minister has nothing to offer to the people in his visit. This is his political stunt of coming to power again by fooling the public. I would say he is betraying the public,” he said. He added that his party will oppose the tour in all possible manner. The government has offered peace talks to the Maoists on condition the rebels abjure violence. The Maoists say they want the government offensive to stop first. (ANI)

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