Suspected Maoist guns down police officer in Jharkhand

Ghatshila (Jharkhand), Nov.2 (ANI): A suspected Maoist gunned down a police official, Siguram Murmu, on Thursday in Ghatshila, Jharkhand, triggering panic among locals in the area. The rebels shot the police official in the vicinity of the police station.

Mayno Murmu, wife of the deceased, said that he was taken to the hospital, also emphasizing on the threat of Maoists in the area. “We got to know that he was gunned down. They took him to the hospital. Yes, there is a threat due to the Maoists in the area. He did not stay much at home,” she said. Meanwhile, a security official said that he had no personal enmity with anyone, saying that the possibility of an attack by the Maoists could not be ruled out.

“He had no enmity with anyone. So, we are ruling out the possibility of a criminal act, but we cannot deny that a Maoist could be behind this,” said Shankar Hembram, a security official. Superintendent of Police, Ghatshila, Rajiv Ranjan Singh, said that they informed his family about the unfortunate incident. “We found an identity card, which had his name and address and informed his family members regarding the incident,” he said.

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