Naxal posters leave Hassan villagers jittery

HASSAN: Residents of Hanubal village, 23km from Sakleshpur town woke up to handwritten Naxal posters pasted near the bus stand. The posters claim that the Western Ghats are getting polluted and losing its heritage status because it is being exploited. The posters also blamed homestays for destroying the Malenad region. It urged the residents to wake up to the menace.About a week ago there were rumours that Naxals were spotted in the area, again, demanding food from the villagers. Since September there have been frequent reports of Naxal activities in the border areas of Hassan and Dakshina Kannada districts. Combing operations ceased in September giving Naxals the chance to surrender, But there were no reports of surrender.

Krishna Murthy, a planter in Hanubalu, said, “These kind of reports and rumours are causing worry. Homestays give seasonal employment and business to people here. Natural calamities have damaged our crops, and now Naxal activities are affecting our business.”Shivanna, who is running a homestay here, says that he earned no profits from his cardamom and coffee plantations and so started a homestay business. “Now Naxals are threatening those who run homestays. It’s very unfair,” he added.

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