Mapuche in Hunger Strike was Hospitalized for Tachycardia

One of five Mapuche’s prisoners on hunger strike in Temuco prison in Chile was transferred to the regional hospital in the town after suffering palpitations, reported on Monday Mapuexpress website. According to the source, the teen Leonardo Qujón, who is 22 days on Monday without food, his starvation state became more severe four days ago when he stop drinking water. According to Mapuexpress, the young man was taken to the hospital amid intense police operation.

There are also on hunger strike Marileo Luís Fernando Millacheo, Guido Levinao Bahamondes and Cristian in Temuco Prison, When the meassure started in early October, they said they did it to face the conspiracy between the government, enterpreneur and landowners who manage the law against us to keep us away from our families and loved Inmates requesting their transfer to the prison in Angol, as the place of confinement closer to their families and the end of the humiliating and degrading raids conducted by Chilean Gendarmerie to family and friends who visit them in prison. In a statement they stressed that the imprisonment is due to political causes and not criminal like the rest of the inmates of these prisons.

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