Xstrata-SMI employs the 27th IB-AFP in waging ethnocide

The NDF-FSMR resiliently denounces, in its utmost expression, the 27th IB’s execution of a B’laan family in Brgy. Kimlawis, Kiblawan, Davao del Sur. This recent massacre of Lumads by the 27th IB involving women and children is yet another discernible terrorist exploit of the AFP shrouded by the so-called “peace and development operations” framework of Pnoy’s Oplan Bayanihan. Early morning on October 18, elements of the 27th IB Alpha Coy patrolled the civilian community in Purok 1, Sitio Alyong, Brgy. Kimlawis apparently in the hunt for armed men sighted in the area. This led to the strafing of Lumad leader Daguil Capeon’s family household, killing his wife Jovy Malid-Capeon and their 2 minor children, and wounded a woman.

This criminal doing attests the AFP’s unremitting violation of the human rights ang the GPH’s neglect and breach of the CARHRIHL. The NDF-FSMR is expressing its sympathy and condolences for the victims’ family, our B’laan brothers and their friends at the time of their grief, pain and injustice. Daguil Capeon is known for his firm and unfaltering resistance against the intrusion of Xstrata-SMI’s large-scale mining operations in the ancestral land of the B’laan tribe.

He leads the B’laan natives in Bong Mal, the center of Xstrata-SMI’s gold and copper mine, in pursuing an armed resistance in defence of their tribe displaced by the said project. They learn and eventually adhere into the revolutionary principles and eventually adhere, and transformed their movement into Red pangayaw. Their struggle gained significant advances, and they carried out attacks against only the legitimate targets.

They successfully disarmed the company guards and paramilitaries, ambushed patrolling government troopers, and damaged company facilities, provoking the Xstrata-SMI to suspend their operation. The Xstrata-SMI nonetheless rely on GPH’s existing mining law, the Mining Act of 1995 (RA 7942) further affirmed by Pnoy’s EO#79, that decriminalizes large-scale mining companies’ plundering of our mineral resources, consents grave environmental destruction and allows disruption of the populace.

The AFP further intensifies military presence in the area to ensure the company’s unimpeded operations. The reactionary authorities and proponents of Xstrata-SMI dub Daguil Capeon and the Red pangayaw as bandits. But for the B’laan natives and the progressive anti-mining forces, they are icons of courage and heroism who fearlessly elevated their anti-mining struggle by taking arms.

They endure the toughest sacrifices, even losing their loved ones, like the mercenary criminals have caused to Daguil Capeon. Xstrata-SMI employs the 27th IB-AFP in waging an ethnocide. This is their means to seize the huge deposits of mineral resources within the Lumad’s ancestral land. Their greed of wealth inflicts forcible dislocation of tribal communities, prompted and worse the dissonance, splitting up and antagonism among the tribal people. In the midst of extensive condemnations and oppositions, the Xstrata-SMI has been vulnerably desperate, and unceasingly intensifying their bloody aggression versus the Loads. The tribal people are helpless victims of incessant attacks by the state.

In 1999, B’laan lider Gorilmin Malid was murdered by AFP elements in Datalbalao, Colombio at the time of their campaign against the Western Mining Corporation. Also brutally slain were Rogelio Lagaro in Brgy. Datalblao, Colombio in 2006; Boy Sarino in Sityo Tinansang, Brgy. Palavilla, Lutayan in 2008; and Tuliano Dalumatan in Sityo Takol, Brgy. Sinapulan, Colombio in 2009. The 27th IB – AFP is also responsible for the massacre of the Bolani family in Sityo Latil, Brgy. Abnate, Kiablawan in 2004, and the strafing incident in Telafas, Colombio last September 29 that killed Tiruray youths Andy Datuwata and Ronald Malley.

The liquidation of anti-mining activists such as the case of Boy Billanes in 2009, the massacre of civilians especially the Lumads, and the merciless butchery of women and minors is terribly rampant. This is the mercenary 27th IB’s way of exerting Xstrata-SMI’s defence and domination. Xsrata-SMI, defying the heightening mining opposition of the masses, is 27th IB’s backer and conspirator, obviously benefitting from the extermination of their oppositionists.

Ka Efren Spokesperson NDF-Far South Mindanao October 20, 2012

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