Naxal revives resignation demand Gadchiroli

NAGPUR: A banner of the Naxals and some pamphlets seized by the patrolling police parties last week in Etapalli tehsil in south Gadchiroli, brought back the fear among local civic body members and elected representatives about the threat issued by the rebels to derail the governance at the grassroot level. The Naxals had issued a sweeping threat earlier this year against Panchayat samity and zilla parishad members asking them to either step down or else face wrath. Several elected representatives were abducted following the threat. The panic-stricken elected representatives of the civic body, including the ones elected in February this year, had furnished their resignations in large numbers. The numbers of elected members resigning had touched nearly 300 which included several police patils.

Around 27 village headman and their deputies and equal numbers of police patils had resigned in Korchi taluka north of Gadchiroli on a single day protesting against government policies on development and police atrocity. Though several elected representatives had withdrawn their resignations, it had left a trail of fear in the district. The monsoon season had put a brake on the rebel activities and the trend of resignation had dried up too.The recent banners and pamphlets in the district regarding the resignation seems to have posed another round of challenege before the police in the post-monsoon phase to thwart the Naxal plans to compel elected members to resign.

The district administration is learnt to be alerted too. Gadchiroli SP Mohammed Suvez Haque said that the security forces already have seized the pamphlets and banners in Etapalli and is trying to find out where else such things have been found in the district. “Whether the Naxals have once again started to demand resignations or taken up in their agenda to resort to violence against people not following their dictate is need to be ascertained from the cadres who have been arrested or surrendered in the last one month,” he said.

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