Gaya police on area domination exercise

GAYA: Following the series of landmine blasts engineered by Maoists near Barha village under Dumaria police station in Gaya district on Thursday morning, police on Friday began what they call ‘area domination exercise’ to get control over the area claimed to be part of the Maoist ‘liberated zone’. Liberated zone means an area where the Maoists call the shots and the writ of the state agencies does not run large.

Earlier, in a daredevil operation late on Thursday night, the PLGA squad of the Maoists revisited the blast site and torched the remnants of the landmine-resistant vehicle. According to sources, the intensity of the blasts that virtually made the landmine resistant vehicle redundant and blew up the otherwise protected heavy vehicle has caused concern in police circles. Whether blasts with such high intensity can be engineered with the help of ammonium nitrate and other locally available material used by the Maoists in the IED formation has become a topic of discussion.

It has to be found out whether the blasts were really caused by the IED or something more sophisticated. Confirming the beginning of the area domination exercise, Magadh Range DIG Naiyyer Hasnain Khan said the first priority of the police was to ‘demine’ the area. He said 15 landmines had been detected and effectively defused. Two more CRPF companies have been pressed into service and Maoist hideouts are being cordoned off.

An alert has been sounded in Gaya and Aurangabad districts, said the DIG adding forensic test of the detected landmines will be done to ascertain its composition and make. He denied that the Maoists had revisited the place of occurrence. Asked about reports that resentment prevails in the CRPF over the deployment pattern and perceived dependence on inputs of questionable credibility, the DIG said there was no truth in the matter.

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