Jharkhand police plan to recruit reformed Reds

RANCHI: In a pathbreaking development, the Jharkhand government is working to make amendments in the surrender policy for rebels and enable the state police to recruit them as constables. Jharkhand IG and police spokesperson SN Pradhan said that the department is working on the amendment to ensure better rehabilitation of surrendered rebels. This is probably the first time that surrendered rebels will be recruited in the mainstream police force.

“There will be a provision in the surrender policy that if the person is physically fit, meets all the eligibility criteria and has no criminal case against him/her then we can allow their recruitment in the police force as constable,” said Pradhan. He revealed that recently one woman Maoist who surrendered in Ramgarh district has no pending cases despite her being very active in the organization. “If she wants to join the police force, we will consider her case and allow her recruitment after proper scrutiny,” said Pradhan. President of Jharkhand Police Association Akhilesh Pandey welcomed the decision of the state government.

“We know that it is very difficult for anyone to have faith on surrendered Maoists but we have no option. We have to develop faith among them. We cannot also rule out the possibility of even some deceiving us and harming the force. We have our own network and we will proceed after proper investigation and hope that the result will be encouraging,” said Pandey. The government is also working on a plan to give some relaxation in physical standards for youths from highly Maoist-dominated areas. A similar model is already in place in neighbouring West Bengal.

Pradhan revealed that the state government is going to take up the matter of give relaxation in physical standards to general youths from heavily Maoist hit areas. “We will request the Centre to allow the state to give some relaxation to youths from selected blocks in some districts for recruitment in police force as constable. Again, the relaxation will be limited to youths from specific blocks and in no case will an outsider be allowed to take up the test,” said Pradhan. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/ranchi/Jharkhand-police-plan-to-recruit-reformed-Reds/articleshow/16859459.cms

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