Vehicles, police attacked on East Bank road

There was a heavy police presence on the Agricola Public Road late Monday night, hours after a group of residents damaged passing vehicles and attacked riot police on the East Bank Demerara thoroughfare. A senior police officer confirmed to Demerara Waves Online News ( that several men stoned police, shattering at least one shield and escaping with three others. The police officer said the shields were later recovered. Eyewitnesses said the windshields and windows of many vehicles were damaged by bricks and bottles that were hurled by persons inside cross streets, vacant lots and alleys.

There was evidence of efforts Monday afternoon and evening to set fires on the public road as they had done for several hours last week Thursday. Eventually, police then restored order by firing teargas and rubber bullets. As word spread mid Monday afternoon of looming unrest; workers, students and other persons hastily left the capital city and East Bank Demerara. Hundreds of persons were left stranded at the East Bank bus park after several bus operators ceased operating.

Fear of not only being stranded but also being robbed and assaulted by opportunists, who have been taking advantage of the protests, gripped both ends of Agricola. The unrest first began on September 11 when 17-year old Shaquille Grant was shot and killed by police. Three policemen have been charged with murder but only one has been arraigned.

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