Zambian man arrested for Chinese mine manager murder

LUSAKA — Police in Zambia said Thursday they arrested a shaft operator at Collum Coal mine in connection with the death of mine manager Wu Shengzai in August. Wu, 50, was killed in a riot over minimum wages at a mine known for tensions with Chinese investors in Sinazongwe, some 325 kilometers (200 miles) south of the capital Lusaka. “The police have arrested Sylvester Siachebani in connection with the killing of the mine manager,” police spokesman Charity Katanga told AFP.

Wu was killed after being hit by a trolley which was pushed towards him by protesting miners as he ran underground for safety. In 2010 two Chinese Collum mine managers were charged with attempted murder after they allegedly opened fire on a group of protesting miners. Eleven Zambian workers were injured in the incident and the mine has since then been a source of controversy between Chinese investors and Zambians. The Chinese own several mines in southern African countries, including coal and copper operations.

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