Protest against Wapda sell-off

LAHORE – Thousands of Wapda Workers held a mass rally demanding that the control of 15 National Electricity Distribution and Generation Companies be handed over to Wapda for providing cheaper Electricity to consumers and overcoming the menace of serious loadshedding instead of handing over to the private hands on the behest of IMF and the World Bank, says a press release. They said that handing over its administrative and financial control to the private blue eyed as members of the Board of Director without their investing any pie had raised its woos and given rise to mal administration.

The rallies were held all over the country. Khurshid Ahmed speaking on the occasion said that Wapda/Elecy.Workers had built the largest national transmission system in Asia after Japan and hundreds of the workers scarified their lives and become disabled in the performance of their duty every year. He declared that proposed privatisation would be against the public interest and would give rise to Inter-Provincial dispute on power tariff and water distribution. He warned that the workers would be compelled to carry long march to Islamabad in case the Government did not honour its agreement.

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