Maoist Raghunath arrested in Gajapati

The Gajapati district police arrested one Raghunath Nayak (47) in connection with Maoist activities on Tuesday evening. A special squad led by Adaba police station Inspector Anam Lakra arrested Nayak from Birikota village. He is the son of Ratnnamani Nayak. “We raided the house of Ratnamani on Tuesday evening and arrested Raghunath. Since last five years, he was involved in various Maoist violent activities.

He was forwarded to R Udyagiri court,” said R Udyagiri Sub Divisional Police Officer (SDPO) Suresh Parichha. Raghunath was involved in the torching of four buses and a mobile tower at Raipanka village and two more cases were also registered against him in Gajapati district subsequently. “He has two cases pending against him in the district,” said Parichha.

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