Maoists deny role in extortion of money

The east division of CPI (Maoist) has alleged that some statements are being issued in the name of its leader Azad and a group of persons are extorting money from people in the Agency and the plain areas, including Visakhapatnam city, in the name of Maoist party.

It has claimed that it is all the handiwork of the police. The group consisted of some former Maoists. Some employees were also involved and it was making statements on issues concerning people to make them believe that extorting money was for the right cause but if they did not stop their act and accept their wrong doings the party would take action, warned east division’s official spokesperson Vijayalakshmi in a press release sent to reporters in Visakha Agency area on Wednesday. Even some employees and well placed people were also involved in extortion of money in the name of Maoist party and people should bring it to the notice of the party, Vijayalakshmi said.

Dig at police

Money extortion was being done with the knowledge of the police, the party alleged. During 2009 the Sub-Inspector of Sileru Murali acted as chief of an extortion gang that collected money from top contractors, businessmen, traders, and ganja smugglers using the name of party’s AOB zone secretary Bhaskar, Ganesh, and division committee member Madhav by using home guards, the press release alleged.

Murali had escaped while home guards T. Viswanadh and Cheekupanasa Raja Rao were injured when Orissa police fired on the gang, the press release stated. Banners The press release also denied party’s role in the banners seen at Hukumpeta and Dumbriguda bridges and Chaparayi near Araku in which east division secretary Ganesh had warned MEO Nagabhushanam and Deputy Director Mallikharjuna Rao or a banner that warned a man Gamparaju for deceiving a PTG girl Lakshmi of Koyyuru.

There was a delay in responding to the banners issue and the party expressed its regrets, the spokesperson said. These cheap acts would cause more problems, bring disrepute to the party and confuse the people, the party said and called upon the people to fight in a united way to solve their problems.

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