Nongdrenkhomba shares thoughts on PREPAK’s raising day


Even as the world has already stepped into the 21st Century, India is still clinging to Acts which violate the UN Charter, alleged the Chairman and added that till today the people of Western South East Asia are deprived of their fundamental rights. Stating that the United Nations has begun to realise the atrocities perpetrated by the Government of India, the Chairman recalled the media conference convened by the UN Special Rapporteur at New Delhi on March 30.During the media briefing the UN official had specifically talked about the “large number of custodial deaths, cases of extra judicial killings and unaccounted violence by the State forces as well as non State actors,” said Nongdrenkhomba.

It is time for India to digest such observation. Giving a piece of advice to Delhi, Nongdrenkhomba said that it is time now for them to forsake the policies which they learnt while they were under the British rule. It is time for them to develop new thoughts, respect human rights, follow the UN Charter, Declarations, Laws etc. Instead of studying why the Maoist movement is gaining ground, the armed rebellion in Kashmir and Punjab and Western South East Asia and try to reach a solution, India has been trying to force the ‘Indianisation’ process on everyone. This is wrong and cannot be justified on any ground. It has become more and more clear that instead of trying to address the issue, India and the Government of Manipur have been trying to force its agenda on the people and the land, said the statement and added that there is a conspiracy which has taken deep roots. Amongst the policies pursued under this conspiracy is the divide and rule policy, adopted from the British, said Nongdrenkhomba. And under the divide and rule policy is the ‘severely destroy policy’, alleged the outfit. The seeds of communalism have been systematically sown to divide the revolutionary outfits and amongst the indigenous people. The policy manipulate the demographic composition of the people, to erode the political, culture, economy and discipline of the people has also been going on continuously, added the Chairman.

Secondly, the Indian security forces have been trying to dilute the revolutionary movement by luring the people with money and through sheer military might, said the statement and added that the series of surrender dramas being staged is the proof of this. Other policies being pursued include the imposition of Draconian Acts along with civic action programme which is meant to mislead the people. There is also the growing need for the people to be wary of the reactionary politician, who are out to pursue their own agenda at the cost of the people and deface the understanding of ‘Nationhood’ . To befool the people under the cloak of doing good, many agenda have been set in motion, said the Chairman and added that the State Government is the director of all the surrender dramas being staged. This is done in cahoots with the Government of India.

The State forces are being used to target the people and there have been relentless efforts to draw the revolutionary outfits in the wrong light, alleged Nongdrenkhomba. The need to unmask the reactionary politician is of paramount importance now. It is the design of the Government of India to turn the North East region into a ‘communal riot zone’, alleged the outfit and added that outsiders have been pumped into the place to spark a confrontation with the indigenous peoples of the region. On top of this the seeds of discord between amongst the indigenous people, between the hill and valley people are being sown.

The communal politics card is being played to the hilt so as to defeat any move to project a united movement for the region, said the Chairman. Bandh, blockade, counter blockade etc are all being used to sow seeds of discord and animosity among the people, said Nongdrenkhomba and added that the agenda to draw the people’s movement along communal divide is all too evident. To defeat these agendum, there is the need for all the indigenous people to land to walk together and be wary of these designs. If these are not heeded then the loss would be great and the movements would get derailed.

The people cannot afford to be ‘foolish’, cautioned the Chairman. Communal politics is the card played by all ‘occupational forces’ said the outfit and added that such policies are pursued to derail any attempt for the people to put up a united voice. Such policies are aimed at destroying the unity and oneness of the region. Expressing deep concern over the influx of outsiders to the region, the Chairman recalled the recent spate of violence between the indigenous Bodos and migrants in Assam. The statement also questioned how the migrants have been able to make their way to the region, covertly and overtly and who gave them the opportunity to settle down in the region. It would not be possible to negate the involvement of the political leaders of India in encouraging the influx of migrants to the region, said the statement and further questioned why such a policy is being pursued to completely annihilate the culture, political structure, identity, and economy of the indigenous population. Time to analyse this, it said.

At Tripura, the Tripuris, at Cachar the Cacharis and in Dimasa land the Dimasas have all been reduced to minorities now. In Assam the condition of the Assamese, the Nagas in Nagaland, the Mizos in Mizoram, the Kangleichas in Kangleipak, the indigenous people of Meghalaya are all in perilous situation today, observed Nongdrenkhomba. On the other hand, the child birth control measures espoused by India under its family planning is like poison to small communities. This may work well with large population places like India and China but not with the small communities of the North East region. In the UN record, it is stated that about 40 communities/indigenous people have disappeared from the world and this is the reason why there is a global effort to protect the indigenous people and minorities.

On the one hand political scientists, economists and others say that the burgeoning population across the world has proven to be a big drain on food, medical facilities, health of women etc, but at the same time small population has proven to be National problems. Just as large population can create social problems, small population too can create social problems, said Nongdrenkhomba. And amongst the social crime is the policy pursued by larger groups to annihilate the smaller groups, said the Chairman and added that child birth control policy pursued amongst small communities would amount to trying to obliterate them. As such the people need to stand up against the child birth policy pursued by the Government of India as well as the large scale influx of outsiders.

Acknowledging the formation of CorCom by seven armed groups of the land, the Chairman said that this is a move in a right direction and is a step towards resolving the conflict situation in the land. Regional unity by bringing all the groups of Western South East Asia is another step bring greater unity amongst the people. Stating that the call of the Government of India to enter into political dialogue under the newly coined terms like SoO and Alternative Arrangement is just a ploy, Nongdrenkhomba said that some groups have started revealing their true identity by falling in line with the call, a talk which is to be held under the Constitution of India. The outfit questioned whether the armed conflict can be resolved by resorting the measures like SoO, Alternative Arrangement, imposing black laws and by trying to turn the region into communal riot zone.

It is the belief of PREPAK that the situation can be resolved if the Government of India understands the cause of the conflict, respect international covenants and by withdrawing from the land. If the root cause is identified then a solution can be reached. India’s place in the international fora, like the UN will become shaky if it continues with the black laws and keep on violating human rights. This is a fact that should register in the minds of the think tank of Delhi, advised the outfit.

Some groups with dubious antecedents have started shying away from the movement, said the outfit and added that this is primarily due to self interest riding gaining precedence over the movement as well as being unable to counter the politics of the enemy, low moral of their cadres and the inability to withstand the challenges of the enemy. There should however be mechanisms to help over come the weaknesses, said the outfit. The approach should be based on preserving the basic principles, build up inner and outer unity, building a revolutionary common political platform, mooted the outfit. This will help in bringing back the misguided people.

This however does not mean that this will be able to correct everyone as there is always a dividing line between truth and falsehood. If the right policy, right judgement and unity is not pursued then there is every likelihood of the movement getting derailed, said Nongdrenkhomba. If right measures are not taken up then the conflict will get extended and the solution will get further and further away.

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