Following movies maoists ban Indian agricultural products

BAHRAICH: Following the ban on the Indian vehicles and screening of Hindi movies, the Maoists have started imposing ban on the Indian agricultural products. The Maoists stated that such agricultural products, which are produced in Nepal would not be allowed to be imported from India and as a protest the Maoists of Mohan Baidh group has started distributing anti-India pamphlets. They have termed India a nation involved in corruption, black-marketing and smuggling. Mohan Baidh has already submitted a 70 points demand letter to the Nepali Prime Minister Baburam Bhattrai, most of these demands are anti-India. In the agitation going on for the past seven days the Maoists are sticking to their demands despite several warning by the government.

The Maoists are all set to impose ban on import of vegetables, milk, fish, banana and eggs from India as they are of the view that they are self-independent on these products. The situation is not coming under control in Nepal as no improvement in the current situation of Nepal was seen on Friday, the 7th day of the Maoist’s agitation. However the government has beefed up the security of the tourists and the goods carrier going to Nepal.

The government have entrusted the responsibility to every in-charge of the police stations that they would ensure the vehicles reach to the next police station area with proper security. As the festival of Dussehra is coming closer in Nepal, the Nepali citizens are getting restless. The situation of Nepal is no improving for the last seven days. The Maoists of Mohan Baidh group is all set for the agitation. The Indian vehicles could not enter Nepal in the routine way .

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