Absconding Maoists love to hide in Gujarat

Industrialised Gujarat not only lures in industry majors, but also unwanted subversive factors like Naxalites too – at least this is what that has come to the fore if one goes byBihar police’s claims. Police from the eastern state not only believes in this theory firmly, but also often camp in Gujarat to smoke out Naxalites holed up in the state.

Two teams camping here for the past few days helped their Gujarat counterparts nab two alleged members of the proscribed outfit. Active vigilance by Bihar cops against Naxal movement has forced these banned groups to disperse and migrate to other states, Gujarat being the top favourite. Bihar police’s Special Task Force (STF), formed to counter Naxalism in the state, has been focusing on Gujarat for the last few months, as a new haven for activists. Cops suspect these members easily merge with migrant labourers from the state.

Talking to DNA, police sub inspector, STF, Bihar police, Rajiv Kumar said the Naxalites active in northern part of the state prefer to migrate to Gujarat in search of employment. They eventually find a place to live with other migrant population in the state. Commenting on what necessitates Bihar police to build rapport with their Gujarat counterparts to trace them out is the fact that they often commit a crime in Bihar and hide in Gujarat, said Kumar. However, he refrained from divulging about other alleged Naxalites hiding in the state. Kumar is accompanied by two more commandos trained to counter Naxal attacks. Kumar’s team was camping in the state since last 15 days and was in contact with the DCB, Ahmedabad. It eventually nabbed one alleged Naxalite leader from the city. Another team, camping in Navsari nabbed another activist, one Pavan Rai on Tuesday. However, primary probe by DCB has revealed that these members had not tried to build a local network nor gather supporters.


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