Nepal: BRB-Dahal duo submited to Indian expansionism, claims Kandel

Hari Bhakta Kandel of Nepal Communist Party-Maoist while addressing a program in Janakpur, October 3, 2012, alleged that forces that claim themselves as the agents of India’s interests in Nepal have been unnecessarily maligning the party’s movement for strengthening national sovereignty and independence. “We are not anti-Hindi as is being disseminated by some interested forces”, he said and added, “We are only trying to limit India’s influence in Nepal by banning Hindi movies”. Kandel is the in-charge of party’s Madhesh bureau. “Some forces that openly claim themselves as India’s agents have been exaggerating the situation unnecessarily.”

“We had no other option than to declare Prachanda as a traitor as he surrendered himself to India”, he said and continued, “While not in government he made revolutionary speeches whereas while being in government he submitted himself to India.” “Prime Minister Baburam also surrendered himself to India, which finally facilitated the party split”, he continued. “The Unified Maoists, Nepali Congress, United Marxist Leninist and Madhesi Parties are all devotees of the Indian expansionism. Heavily influenced by Indian expansionists the parties have thus failed to forge consensus”, a highly charged Kandel declared.

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