Klapmuts protesters block road

Cape Town – Klapmuts residents vented their frustration against poor services and houses in a protest that started at 5am, barricading roads. They marched on the Klapmuts Main Road, burned tyres tree stumps and road signs, chanted and sang Struggle songs. They protested about a poor sanitation, roads and formal housing.

Protesters blocked the road with dirt, rocks and broken concrete water pipes. Some 50 residents protested on Main Road, while a group of about 400 sat on a field next to it. Negotiations between police and community leaders failed after local ward councillor Sophia Louw did not arrive to address the protesting residents. Police warned protesters to disperse but they ignored the this. After an hour, at 6am, police fired rubber bullets and tear gas at the crowd. Protesters ran between shacks and houses. Motorists passing the area were turned away by protesters who threatened to stone cars if they passed. The situation calmed down, but at 1pm two police Nyalas drove into the area and all the residents re-grouped and took to the streets again. Police again fired rubber bullets and tear gas at the crowd. Residents jumped over a wall of a sports field to get away from them. http://www.iol.co.za/news/crime-courts/klapmuts-protesters-block-road-1.1394665

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