Darfur students beat and arrested for strike

The Sudanese security services were accused of beating and arresting several Darfuri students from the Bakht Alrida university in Aldoam, White Nile, on Monday 1 October, Radio Dabanga was informed. The exact number of arrested and injured students is still unknown. Witnesses said these students were holding a strike against the payment of tuition fees.

According to the Abuja and Doha agreements, Darfuri students enrolled in national universities are exempted from paying the tariffs. Sources added that the security services were backed by the Sudanese Central Reserve Forces (Abu Tira) and by fellow university students affiliated with the ruling National Congress Party. During the attacks, weapons such as batons, sticks and tear gas were used against the Darfuri students, onlookers asserted. According to witnesses, the following students are so far known to have been arrested : Yusuf Mohamed, Malik Abdul Aziz, Yassir Hashaba, Mutasem Adam and Mohamed Adam Kabashi. In addition, the following got reportedly injured:

Mohammad Yousuf, Azzedine Adam Mohammed (broken arm), Mubarak Baraka (kidney area was beaten) and Motasim Adam (fractured head). Sources speaking from the university told Radio Dabanga that until Monday night, troops had besieged the campus and were beating and arresting whoever left the area.

South Kordofan

The Darfur students’ association from the University of Al-Salam, in Babanusa, South Kordofan, threatened to strike on Sunday, 30 September. They said this is in protest against the decision of the university’s administration to start charging them tuition fees.

Members of the students’ association said the University of Al-Salam issued a decision denying the registration of first-year Darfuri students unless they paid their school tariffs. As a response, the association submitted a memorandum to the university stating that Darfuri students should not pay tuition fees, they told Radio Dabanga. They added that these students already experience enough negative circumstances in their own region. The Darfur students’ association said they gave the university 48 hours to respond. http://www.radiodabanga.org/node/36445


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