CPN-Maoist allows Indian vehicles carrying essential goods

KATHMANDU, Sept 30: The CPN-Maoist, which has been been banning Indian vehicles from operating in Nepal for the past three days, has decided to allow Indian vehicles carrying daily essential goods like gas and medicine to resume operation after fulfilling all custom procedures.

Issuing a statement on Saturday party spokeswomen Pampha Bhusal informed that her party took the decision following advices of the people.

“We want to inform that our party decided to allow Indian vehicles carrying medicine and gas that have fulfilled all the procedures of the customs,” reads statement.

CPN-Maoist has been ´prohibiting´ Indian vehicles as per their 70-point demands submitted to the government two weeks ago.

The Maoist statement also expressed objection on the negative publicity over their “ban” on the Indian number plate vehicles.

“Our intention is to give priority to the use of Nepali transportations. It is very sad that some forces are spreading negative rumors saying Maoist banned all Indian vehicles,” reads the statement.


Maoist labels Bhattarai as ´red comprador´ India

Meanwhile, 10-sister wings and fronts of CPN-Maoist have termed Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai as ´new´ and ´red comprador´ of Indian expansionism.

Issuing statement on Saturday, they have claimed that the Nepal´s national sovereignty is in danger due to the anti-national activities of the Bhattarai.

“The ´new´ and ´red comprador´ of Indian expansionism signed BIPPA agreement with India and gave Karnali and Arun Third to the Indian companies,” reads the statement.

They also expressed surprised to the silence of political parties and government over the unnecessary hassles to Nepali vehicles by Indian authorities even though they have fulfilled all procedures.

“Some forces and some people have objected to prohibiting Indian number plate vehicles that have not fulfilled the procedures. We are surprised over the silence at the ban on the use of Nepali vehicles in the border area of India. They face various problems if they enter India even after fulfilling all procedures,” states the statement saying Indian vehicles have been operating freely in Nepal.

“It is proof that some forces and some individual are serving foreign interest.”

The other political parties have objected to the Maoist protest against the Indian vehicles.

The statement was issued by chiefs of sister wings and fronts, Suresh Ale Magar, Jayapuri Gharti Magar, Tilak Pariyar, Ishwar Chandra Gyawali, Ramdeep Acharya, Sharad Rasaili, Shiv Kattel, Ekaraj Bhandari, Padam Devkota and Thakur Chapagain.


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