Court acquits Maoist leader Soumen

BARASAT: A Barasat court on Friday acquitted former CPI (Maoist) state secretary Himadri Sen Ray alias Soumen citing lack of proper evidence. While giving the verdict, judge S Meherotra of Barasat fast-track court stated that Soumen was not found guilty on specific charges brought against him.


Soumen had been charged with several non-bailable offences, including conspiracy against state, collecting and hiding secret documents and keeping firearms. But he will not be released from jail now because another case against him is being heard at Krishnagar court.


Soumen, a top Maoist leader and a resident of Khardah, had been arrested by the CID from Hridaypur railway station on February 23, 2008. They had framed charges under sections 121, 121A, 122, 123, 124A and 25/27 of the Arms Act against him.


After Soumen’s arrest, several organizations like Bandi Mukti Committee, Ganapratirodh Mancha, Nari Mukti Sangha and the APDR had organized several movements to protest against his arrest.


Soumen on Friday told the media that he was “happy with the verdict and it has been proved that every person has democratic rights to raise his voice against the government.”


“Investigating officers could not provide any documents on all charges brought against him. It has been established again that the judiciary is transparent and impartial in its functioning,” Soumen’s lawyer Dipak Dey said.

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