Hayward: 11 arrested during protest of police-involved fatal shooting

HAYWARD — Nearly one dozen people were arrested Monday evening at a protest that police say stemmed from an officer-related fatal shooting that took place earlier in the day.

Officers were called at about 7:30 p.m. to the intersection of East 13th Avenue and Tennyson Road where about 50 to 60 people had gathered, including some who threw bottles into the street, said Sgt. Mark Ormsby.

The crowd dispersed after officers arrived but a short while later about two dozen showed up at the intersection of Franklin and Culp roads. Police arrested 11 people there on suspicion of public intoxication, Ormsby said.

Earlier Monday, a man suspected of shooting someone at a city bar was fatally shot himself when he attempted to hit officers with his car, police said. As of Tuesday morning police had not released the age or identity of the man killed or the victim shot in the bar.

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