Deputies: Riot at Dona Ana Detention Center sparked by inmates

Inmates at the Dona Ana County Detention Center created chaos when they were told by officers their time was up to cut hair.

Investigators with the Dona Ana Sheriff’s Office are trying to figure out what charges will be filed against the inmates who were involved in the disorder Sunday evening.

Inside the jail, in a maximum-security holding area, inmates were using hair clippers to cut their own hair when the allotted time was up, said spokeswoman for the sheriff’s office Kelly Jameson.

She said it is standard policy at the jail to make the electric clippers available to inmates between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m.

In retaliation, authorities said the inmates broke windows using a broom handle and a piece of metal that was broken off of a desk inside the pod.

A trash can, and also set a couple of mattresses were set on fire using a lighter.

Jameson said an inmate who was in violation of having contraband in his possession had the lighter.

The chaos was quickly settled when a special response team was alerted, said Jameson.

No injuries were reported.

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