SPARC action alert!

Carty after his 2007 head injury whose after effects remain untreated

We have just received a letter from Chris Carty, housed at Red Onion State Prison (on contract from the Virgin Islands), pleading with us to help him in his life-or-death situation.

He has a severe infection and possible long term after effects of head trauma both of which are not being treated by the prison despite his filing of more then a dozen grievances.

He also has cause to believe that nurses are adulterating the medications he receives with an unknown toxic substance.

We are asking all of you to call Red Onion State Prison at 276-796-7510 and read this script to the operators as a message to pass along to the Warden and other Red Onion officials. You can improvise off of the script so long as the points are retained. If we have enough people call over the course of the next several days they will know people on the outside are paying attention to this situation and this really will help Chris. We also are going to contact an attorney who has worked with Chris before in hopes that this will also assist Chris with his urgent problem. We’ll keep you posted as things develop. Thank you all…

SCRIPT: “It has come to my attention that Mr. Chris Carty is experiencing serious health problems and that the administration has neglected providing the proper medical care required according to Department of Corrections standards, despite the numerous complaints filled by Mr. Carty proving otherwise. I would highly stress that the administration meet the needs of Mr. Carty, such as treatment for his lung infection, treatment to his head trauma that occurred more than 5 years ago, daily blood pressure checks and concern about tampering with his medication. It is my opinion meeting the standards of the DOC would be in the best interest of the Red Onion administration especially with recent events of a hunger strike and prior prisoner deaths, all of which have received negative media attention. Please give Mr. Carty the urgent care that he needs to prevent another unnecessary death.”


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