Peruvian Rebel Leader’s Wife Sent to New Prison Over Interview

LIMA – The wife of Shining Path founder Abimael Guzman has been transferred to another prison over security concerns, with the move coming soon after she granted an interview to a foreign magazine, Peruvian National Penitentiary Institute director Jose Luis Perez Guadalupe said.

Elena Iparraguirre was moved from the maximum-security prison in Chorrillos to the Virgen de Fatima prison in the same Lima district last Thursday along with 24 other inmates, Perez Guadalupe said.

Iparraguirre and the other inmates had been mixed in with common criminals and officials had decided back in March to move them, Perez Guadalupe said.

“If we see that there is a security failure, we are not going to wait for it to repeat itself,” the National Penitentiary Institute director said.

Britain’s The Economist magazine published an interview with Iparraguirre, the Shining Path’s former No. 2 leader, this month.

Iparraguirre, who was convicted of terrorism, told the prestigious publication that the Shining Path was defeated militarily but not politically.

The former rebel leader, however, did not recognize the leaders of the remnants of the Shining Path operating in the Upper Huallaga Valley and in the Valley of the Apurimac, Ene and Mantaro rivers, or VRAEM, region.

Iparraguirre, who was known as “Comrade Miriam,” was transferred to a new prison because “no inmate can give statements to the media or give any information,” Council of Ministers chairman Juan Jimenez said.

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