New Maoist plans for revolt!

Although the CPN-Maoist, the splinter faction of the ruling UCPN-Maoist, is yet to make public the future strategy, there is a report that it has been preparing a groundwork to launch so called people’s revolution through the means of urban centric revolution.

Following the 70-point charter of the demand, which the party had presented to the government, there is a report that the party has been chalking a strategy to launch the urban centric people’s revolution with the aim to capture the state power to impose the Maoism in the country.

The new Maoist party is planning even to form a militant forces to launch the co-called urban centric revolution with the conviction that urban centric revolution would be more effective to bear the result immediately rather than the revolution in the rural areas.

Before launching the decade-long insurgency, earlier form of the present Maoist leaders had launched similar kind of revolution attacking some police stations in Kathmandu, but it was later realized that the attack was a mistake of the party. But now, the Maoists are guessing that the city-centered revolution could produce meaningful result within the short span time and that will be a ground to capture power of the state what communists term it as a people’s government.

In course of their preparations, the party has revamped its previous committees which were militant in nature and practice. It has also formed several committees, some are underground, to launch and manage the so-called urban centric revolution. It is revealed that the party has been planning to intensify its campaign through general strike and a massive campaign against corrupt people.

Although the Nepalese people had a hope that nation will usher into peace and stability with the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Accord in 2006, again their future is uncertain and peace has become an elusive term that never be caught in the nation with the split in the ruling Maoist party and breakaway party’s threatening strategy.

Nepalese people, who were compelled to face a decade long insurgency, have been reeling under fear that the recently formed CPN-Maoist could follow the footstep of the mother party dragging the nation into another confrontation.

People are also worried with the speculation that the nation would be a playground of the international actors as the nation will plunged into a tunnel of civil war with the launch of Maoist’s people war. The anarchy and statelessness situation will be a never ending cycle in the nation that the Nepalese are destined to face.

The new Maoist party had repeatedly been threatening to take up arms if their demands were not addressed. If anyone took the voice as an official line of the party, it was certain that the new party was formed to launch a revolution because a single point of the demands presented to the government was not inserted to get fulfilled, but cultivate a seed of conflict in the nation under the guise of demands what they opted almost 17 year ago in 1996.

The CPN-Maoist leaders have repeatedly been vowing that armed struggle is indispensable to achieve their goals for People’s Republic mentioning that previous revolution was not sufficient to achieve the goal.

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