Maoists to create insurgency zones?

After forming armed wing, the Maoists have on its agenda to create a insurgency zone in the hills of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh.
Disclosing that blue print of the Maoist conspiracy came to light following the arrest of top Maoist leaders recently in the state, authoritative security sources told this newspaper that most of the modules operating in the state have gone in hiding following the arrest of at least three hardcore Maoist leaders, including a private school principal Pallab Barbora in the state.
Pointing out that left wing insurgent group have multiple interests in the Northeast, security sources said that growing market of illegal arms in Dimapur was one of the major areas of their interest.
Referring nexus of Maoists with Naga rebels, security sources said that idea of creating insurgency zone in North Cachar Hills of Assam and hilly terrains of Arunachal Pradesh was aimed at to facilitate arms training to its cadres. There have been specific intelligence inputs that NSCN (I-M) was sending its instructors to Maoist camps in Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand for training of Maoist cadres.
Regretting that Naga rebels, taking the advantage of ceasefire are running the illegal trade of arms in Dimapur, security sources said that security agencies have found evidences that consignment of sophisticated weapons are supplied from Dimapur not only to rebels in India but also to refugees in southern Bhutan.
Informing that Bhutan has also been alerted about these alarming developments, security sources said that over 100 Maoists cadres are operating in the region. Though, their activities have come down, security sources said that it was strategic.
Suggesting that most of the activities of Left-wing insurgents are confined to selected districts of the state, security sources said that Upper Assam Leading Committee, which is the most active wing, has been recruiting cadres in Upper Assam districts.
The central committee of Maoists has advised its units in the Northeast to refrain from resorting to any violent acts. “They have been asked to rope in like-minded struggling forces and support their struggle in order to strengthen their presence,” security sources said.

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