Suspects in custody after downtown riot

Amarillo, TX – Four suspects remain in custody after two officers were attacked during at riot in downtown Amarillo.

Just before 2:00am Friday morning we’re told a riot formed outside of Tatum’s Night Club on S. Polk.

Amarillo Police officers say they were attempting to question a group of men reported to have been involved in a recent nightclub shooting. Police reportedly tried to question the suspects in a parking lot near Pink’s on S. Taylor. They then fled, and were later located inside of Tatum’s Night Club in the 700 block of S. Polk.

Police say while questioning the suspects outside of the club, a crowd gathered around and became rowdy.

Braushad Evans, Aaron Davis, Thomas Brown, and Bryson Evans were all arrested for participating in a riot, among other charges. Aaron Davis was also arrested for assault on a public servant. All four men were taken to the Potter County Jail.

We’re told additional officers were on scene and even had to draw their taser’s to get the crowd to comply.

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